Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about event rentals? Take a look through our FAQ’s, or contact us today for a free consultation!

How does the pricing work?
The rental rates quoted are for 48 hours. Weekend events are considered one rental period. To rent for a longer period, we will provide a custom weekly or monthly rate.

Can we get a quote?
Yes. We are pleased to provide a free quote upon request either by email or on phone.

Is there a minimum order size?
Yes, C$15.00.

When do we pay for our order?
Payment is due before the items are released to the customer. We require a credit card to process an order.

What form of payments are accepted?
We accept Debit card, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, wire transfer, and cash. Cheques are only accepted from corporate customers.

How early can we make our reservation?
The earlier the better. For large events, we suggest that you book as soon as you have determined your guest list. Please note that December and summer months are peak periods and advanced booking is recommended.

Is there an advance payment?
Yes. We require a non-refundable 25% deposit to confirm a reservation. This enables us to make sure that items required are reserved and available to you on the date requested.

Are there any charges for cancellation?
Yes. In addition to the non-refundable deposit as mentioned above, 50% of the invoice must be paid for cancellations made between 3 days to 1 day prior to the event,  and 100% of the invoice must be paid for a cancellation on the day of the event.

Can we look at your inventory before renting?
Yes. You can do so at our warehouse facility located right by 401 in Mississauga.

When do we pick up and return our order?
You can pick up the items the day before the event and must return them the following business day to avoid late charges.

Do you deliver at our door?
Yes, we do deliver. The delivery charges vary according to the distance and will be quoted while making the reservation.

When do you deliver and pick up?
We typically deliver one day before your event and pick up on the next business day following your event.
The delivery and pick up dates are indicated on your order confirmation.

Do we need to pay extra for delivery or pick up at a specified time or outside of normal business hours?
Yes. Our standard delivery charge is subsidized and does not fully cover our actual costs for delivery, including the cost to run the truck as well as the wages of the driver and the crew in a truck. Delivering at a specific time or outside of routine business hours prevents us from organizing tasks into efficient workflows and routes.

Do you set up and tear down?
No, not usually, except for tents. However, with sufficient notice, we can handle such requests at an additional charge.

Who is responsible for equipment’s return in good order?
You. The customer is in charge for the rented equipment from the moment of receipt till delivery and is responsible for all breakage and loss of rented equipment and containers.

How much you charge for the loss of rental equipment?
We charge in full for any missing or damaged items at retail replacement value.

How do we prepare the event rentals for pick up?
Tables and chairs should be taken down and stacked for pick up from a single location. All crockery and cutlery should be rinsed clean and repacked in their containers. Linens should be debris-free and dry on return. Any moldy linens can result in further charges, whereas any linens damaged by wax or burns will be charged to the customer for their replacement cost.

Do we need to wash linens, tableware, or flatware?
No. But please shake out the linens to make sure they are particles-free and rinse or clean dishware, glassware, and flatware to ensure they are free of any vestiges of food. If the linens are wet, please let them air-dry before putting them in the bags.

Is the item list on your website or brochures exhaustive?
No. We continually add new items to our inventory. If the item you need is not listed, it is still worthwhile to call us and check.

Can we rent a tent from you and set it up ourselves?
No. Only our 10’x10’ popup tents can be installed by our customers. The rest of our tents need to be installed by our professionally trained crew.

Can we arrange a prior site visit?
Yes. There is a $40 per site inspection fee that is waived if you proceed with renting from us. The site visit allows us to not only determine what size tent you may need but also make any other suggestion about the spacing and placement requirements for tables, chairs, bars, barbecues, buffets, dance floor, games, etc.

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