Tableware Rentals

Meadowvale Party Rentals maintains a large selection of tableware rentals. Click any of the links below to jump directly to the pricing for each category.

Based in Mississauga, Meadowvale Party Rentals delivers throughout the GTA, including: Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Brampton, Caledon, Halton Hills, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Central Toronto. Party rental items are also available for pick up at our business location.

Tableware Rentals

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Dinnerware Rentals

View our dinnerware selection and prices. Meadowvale Party Rentals stocks all the dishes you need for your event, including plates, cups, bowls and serving dishes.

All rental items require a 25% non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit at time of booking. See our terms and conditions for our cancellation policy.

Plain White Dinnerware

Plain White Dinnerware Price List

Dinnerware Cost / Day
10″ Dinner Plate$6.00 / dozen
8″ Salad/Dessert Plate$6.00 / dozen
9″ Plate$6.00 / dozen
6″ Bread Plate$6.00 / dozen
Pasta Dish$6.00 / dozen
Soup Bowl$6.00 / dozen
Fruit Nappies$6.00 / dozen
Cup$5.50 / dozen
Saucer$5.50 / dozen
Espresso Cup$5.50 / dozen
Espresso Saucer$5.50 / dozen
Can Coffee Mug$6.00 / dozen
Sugar Bowl$2.00 each
Creamer$2.00 each

Decorative Dinnerware

Gold Rim Dinnerware Price List

DinnerwareCost / Day
Gold Rim 10″ Dinner Plate$8.00 / dozen
Gold Rim 8″ Salad Plate$8.00 / dozen
Gold Rim Espresso Cup$6.00 / dozen
Gold Rim Espresso Saucer$6.00 / dozen

Platinum and Gold Scalloped Dinnerware Price List

DinnerwareCost / Day
Platinum Scalloped 10″ Dinner Plate$10.00 / dozen
Platinum Scalloped 8″ Salad Plate$10.00 / dozen
Platinum Scalloped Cup$7.00 / dozen
Platinum Scalloped Saucer$7.00 / dozen
Gold Scalloped 10″ Dinner Plate$10.00 / dozen
Gold Scalloped 8″ Salad Plate$10.00 / dozen
Gold Scalloped Cup$7.00 / dozen
Gold Scalloped Saucer$7.00 / dozen

Black China Dinnerware

Black Plates

Black China Dinnerware Price List

DinnerwareCost / Day
10″ Dinner Plate – Black$6.00 / dozen
8″ Salad/Dessert Plate – Black$6.00 / dozen
12″ Oval Plates – Black$6.50 / dozen

Flatware Rentals

View our selection of silverware available for rent.

Gold Flatware Rental Price List

Gold Flatware Rental Price List
Gold Flatware Rental Price ListCost / Day
Dinner Knife$5.70 / 6 pieces
Dinner Fork$5.70 / 6 pieces
Salad/Dessert Fork$5.70 / 6 pieces
Tablespoon$5.70 / 6 pieces
Teaspoon$5.70 / 6 pieces

Bristol Flatware Rental Price List

Bristol Flatware Rental Price List
Bristol Flatware Rental Price ListCost / Day
Dinner Knife$6.50 / dozen
Dinner Fork$6.50 / dozen
Salad/Dessert Fork$6.50 / dozen
Tablespoon$6.50 / dozen
Teaspoon$6.50 / dozen

Nova Flatware Rentals Price List

FlatwareCost / Day
Steak Knife$7.50 / dozen
Dinner Knife$6.00 / dozen
Dinner Fork$6.00 / dozen
Salad/Dessert Fork$6.00 / dozen
Soup Spoon$6.00 / dozen
Tablespoon$6.00 / dozen
Teaspoon$6.00 / dozen
Espresso Spoon$6.00 / dozen
Lobster Cracker$2.00 / each
Lobster Pick$2.00 / each
Pie Fork$6.00 / dozen

Mikasa Flatware Rentals Price list

FlatwareCost / Day
Dinner Knife$7.50 / dozen
Dinner Fork$7.50 / dozen
Salad/Dessert Fork$7.50 / dozen
Tablespoon$7.50 / dozen
Teaspoon$7.50 / dozen
Butter Knife$1.00 / each
Sugar Spoon$1.00 / each

Other Flatware Rentals Price List

FlatwareCost / Day
Black handle steak knife$7.50 / dozen

Glassware Rentals

Meadowvale Party Rentals carries a large selection of glassware for your event.

Glassware Rentals Price List

GlasswareCost / Day
16 oz. Stemless Wine Glass$8.50 / dozen
6 1/2 oz. Wine glass$6.50 / dozen
6 1/2 oz. Tall Wine glass$6.50 / dozen
8.5 oz Wine Glass$7.00 / dozen
9 oz. Wine glass$7.00 / dozen
11oz Wine Glass$7.50 / dozen
19 oz Wine Glass$10.00 / dozen
Champagne Saucer$7.00 / dozen
Champagne Flute$7.00 / dozen
Martini Glass$7.50 / dozen
Martini Shaker$10.00 / dozen
Water Goblet$7.00 / dozen
Footed Hi-ball$6.50 / dozen
Hi-ball Tumbler$6.50 / dozen
Beer glass with stem$7.00 / dozen
8 oz. Rock glass$6.50 / dozen
5 oz. Rock glass$6.50 / dozen
Whiskey Glass/Lowball Glass$6.50 / dozen
1.5 oz. Shot glass$6.50 / dozen
2 oz. Shot glass$6.50 / dozen
Sherry Glass$6.50 / dozen
Liqueur Glass$6.50 / dozen
Brandy Glass$6.50 / dozen
Plastic Cocktail cup$1.00 each
Punch cups$6.50 / dozen
Glassware Rentals - Wine Glasses
Wine Glasses
Glassware - 19 oz wine glass
19 oz wine glass

Tableware Accessories

Gold Charger plate
Silver Charger plate

Tableware Accessories Price List

Charger Plates Price ListCost / Day
Reef Gold Charger Plate$2.00
Plain Silver Charger Plate$2.00
Beaded Silver Charger Plate$2.00
Reef Silver Charger Plate$2.00
Beaded Red Charger Plate$2.00
Other Tabletop Supplies Price ListCost / Day
Mini Menu Clips$2.00
Multi-Use Super Globe Vases$2.00
Table stands and Numbers$2.50

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