Serving Equipment

We have a full range of equipment required to serve food at your party. A deposit may be required at the time of booking, please inquire for details. See our terms and conditions for our cancellation policy.

Serving Equipment Rentals Price List

Serving Equipment: BeverageCost / Day
Beverage Dispenser – 5 gallon$20.00
1 liter wine carafe$3.00
1/2 liter wine carafe$2.00
Crystal ice bucket/ tongs$13.00
Stainless steel ice bucket/ tongs$9.00
60oz Glass water pitcher$5.00
60oz Plastic water pitcher$2.00
Thermal Swirl Tea Pot$5.00
Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe (Large)$5.00
Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe (Small)$4.00
42 cup coffee urn (coarse ground coffee recommended)$18.00
45 cup coffee urn (coarse ground coffee recommended)$19.00
60 cup coffee urn (coarse ground coffee recommended)$20.00
100 cup coffee urn (coarse ground coffee recommended)$22.00
8L Round Chafing Dish Gold Legs Handle
Serving Equipment: Chafing DishCost / Day
Full Size Chafing dish (8 Qt) – comes with 2″ deep insert (takes 2 fuels)$25.00
6 Qt Round chafing dish$20.00
8L Round Chafing Dish – Gold Legs/Handle$22.00
Chafing Fuel$3.50
Full Chafing Insert Pan (8 Qt)$7.00
Full Deep Chafing Insert (8 Qt)$7.00
1/2 Chafing insert (4 Qt) (2″ deep)$5.00
1/2 Chafing insert (4 Qt) (4″ deep)$5.00
8 inch square serving bowl
9 inch round serving bowl
Serving Equipment: BowlsCost / Day
Large Stainless Steel Bowl$5.00
Small Stainless Steel Bowl$4.00
8″ Square Serving Bowl$6.00
9.5″ Round Serving Bowl$7.00
Punch Bowl and ladle$12.00
Serving Equipment: Platters & TraysCost / Day
10″ Oval Platter (8″ width)$1.50
12″ Oval Platter (8.5″ width)$2.00
10″ White Cake Stand (3.5″H)$5.00
14″ Round Non-slip Waitress tray$6.00
24″ Oval Non-slip Waitress tray$9.00
Stainless Steel Platter – 18″ Oval (Medium)$5.00
White Plastic Platter – Oval$5.00
White Plastic Platter – Round$5.00
14″ Glass Platter – Round$5.00
9″ Crystal Platter – Round$5.00
11″ Crystal Platter – Round$5.50
14″ Crystal Platter – Round$6.00
3-Wave dip dish$2.00
2-Tier Tray – Steel$7.00
3-Tier Tray – Steel$12.00
3-Tier Tray – White$12.00
Bread Basket$1.50
10 inch oval platter
12 inch oval platter
Serving Equipment: UtensilsCost / Day
Serving spoon$2.00
Serving Spoon – Mikasa$2.00
Serving spoon (Slotted)$2.00
Serving spoon (Slotted) – Mikasa$2.00
Serving fork$2.00
Serving fork – Mikasa$2.00
Serving tongs$2.00
Cake server$2.00
Spatula – Plastic$2.00
Spatula – Slotted$2.00
Spatula – Stainless Steel$2.00
Popcorn Scoop$2.00
Serving Equipment: MiscellaneousCost / Day
Waitress Tray Stand$8.00
Salt and Pepper Shakers$3.00
4 Part Bar/Condiment Divider Tray$3.00
Stainless Steel Condiment Cup$1.00
16oz Gravy Boat (Stainless Steel)$5.00

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