6 Benefits of Renting Party Equipment Instead of Buying It

6 Benefits of Renting Party Equipment Instead of Buying It


Are you planning to host an event soon, whether a formal corporate gathering or an informal backyard bash? If yes, you will likely face some challenges in the preparation process, including decisions about party equipment. The critical question you need to consider is whether to buy or rent equipment. Borrowing equipment comes with its own set of advantages. It is a practical and cost-effective option whether you frequently host parties or occasionally organize events. In this blog, we will explore renting party equipment, list its top 6 benefits and compare it with buying equipment.  


Renting party equipment and hiring party rentals is becoming the norm. Gone are the days when people used to buy heavy apparatus and later store them for the next event. Now everyone opts for easy, efficient, and economical ways to organize events without additional stress. This is where party rentals step in. The whole concept revolves around borrowing items, apparatus, and event supplies when hosting parties or functions. Whether it is an intimate wedding, a backyard BBQ session with your family, or a fun game night with your friends, borrowing resources may be the best option!

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The list of items you can borrow from professional party rentals is extensive. You can have tents, tables, chairs, utensils, décor, tableware, catering equipment, concession equipment, lighting, and linens; the list goes on and on. 


It would help to compare borrowing and buying party equipment first. Evaluating the two processes, their benefits, and their accessibility allows deciding the option best suited to your needs. While borrowing enables you to rent equipment, buying it means you purchase everything independently. There are some advantages when buying party equipment. For instance, if you host parties frequently, you would want to buy your supplies, which you can use on every occasion. Party rentals are often unavailable during peak wedding seasons or busy times of the year like Christmas. You must make sure you make an appointment ahead of any such occasion. If you have your equipment, there is no such worry whatsoever.

There are several disadvantages of buying too. True, you can save money by using the same equipment over and over again for a long time instead of borrowing repeatedly. However, it is a heavy investment. Additionally, you must take special care of all the equipment, including timely repair and upkeep. If you do not own a storage space, you must rent one out to put all the possessions. Such large warehouses are usually costly.  That is not to say that borrowing does not come with any cons. You will be restricted from using equipment when you borrow them from rentals. If any damage is done to the goods, you will probably have to face some consequences. They may even ask you to pay an additional payment for the liability. All in all, you have to decide between the two after careful consideration and decide what is better for a long-term solution.  


Let us have a look at the top 6 benefits of renting instead of outright buying party equipment:

A Very Cost-Effective Solution To Your Problems

Overall, renting party equipment can be cost-effective. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, you do not have to pay high costs when buying heavy apparatus like tables, chairs, tents, or significant equipment like tableware, décor, and lighting. It can be very expensive when you buy these things. A more affordable option is to pay for party rental services occasionally. Payment will be a one-time thing when you rent equipment. Secondly, you will have no additional maintenance, storage, or repair costs for these gears. When you store these supplies, you require extra storage space that may add to your expenses. Conversely, you can return all equipment after the event without worrying about storage, cleaning, or maintenance. Thirdly, you can have a broader range of choices that best suit your event’s size, type, and budget. Professional party rentals can provide a variety of options for you to choose from. In conclusion, if you hire party rental services, you can have high-quality, top-tier party equipment at your doorstep at affordable prices. 

Party Equipment

No Space? No Problem!

The end of your event does not necessarily mean the end of your problems. When you buy your party equipment, the work continues even after the event’s conclusion. After the pack up, you must carefully store all the heavy equipment away. You ought to thoroughly clean the chairs and tables, lift the heavy gear, and keep them away safely. However, this hectic task entails excellent care and precaution. A little ounce of carelessness and your equipment can be destroyed, rendering it unable for a second use. Moreover, you need a substantial storage space to place all the apparatus. An area like this requires certain conditions to be met. For instance, it should be clean, secure, and easy to access. You must constantly inspect the space for pest attacks, proper ventilation, moisture, and changing temperatures. These factors can considerably damage all your belongings, especially wooden chairs, and tables. Furthermore, moisture can cause rust in metal tableware.

Additionally, it is inconvenient to clean up all the equipment, particularly crockery. Thus, renting equipment is a feasible solution to these problems. You do not need to worry about packing, cleaning, or storage. Professional party rentals like Meadowvale Party Rentals complete all the work so that you can relax after a bustling evening.       

A Variety of Options To Choose From

Adept party rental services supply you with up-to-date party items and gear. They give you options like good lighting, tents, sitting supplies, etc. Their varieties come in several sizes, colors, styles, and designs. Therefore, you can have options that can vary according to the type of your party. Moreover, rental services can help you find the right equipment within your budget limits.  Professional party rentals like Meadowvale Party Rentals provide the options of BBQ grills, catering equipment, and good lighting according to your event. Furthermore, you get to choose the size of your tent, which varies from 10×10 to whatever you require. Finally, you can opt for tent accessories like subflooring, globe lights, and dance floors.

Furthermore, Meadowvale Party Rentals provides games like a blackjack table, clay poker chips, and crown & anchor to make your family event more enjoyable. You also get a wide variety of different types of tables and chairs. For example, you can have rectangle, round, or cruiser tables. In chairs, you get basic folding ones, bistro, and Chiavari chairs.

Keep Up With The Latest Trends!

Trends change all the time, in all places. Every now and then, a new theme pops up, or a new gear comes into fashion. Of course, fundamental equipment like chairs and tables are essential for any event or function, but it is crucial to keep in mind that their style and design may vary due to changing trends. Even though functionality remains the same, the aesthetics of furniture matter considerably when it comes to the event’s overall theme. For instance, formal black-tie events require elegant furniture with pastel, ivory, or off-white hues. It would be best if you go for that luxury outlook. On the other hand, for informal occasions, you can experiment with vibrant furniture, ornamentation, and colorful linen table clothes. Unfortunately, you cannot keep buying new furniture whenever there is a new event.

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Party rentals help you keep up with the latest party equipment and theme trends. They constantly update their inventory with the latest technology and supplies. Hence, you do not need to fret over outmoded supplies. You can also benefit from expert advice on what type of concept you should go for and what equipment will suit your needs the best. In addition, expert rentals can provide all the equipment latest in fashion trends, along with the extra accessories to provide that extra charm to the function. 

Takes The Burden Off Your Mind

Hosting an event on a small or large scale is a hectic task. You will need to focus on catering, food menu, organizing, guest lists, entertainment, and much more. Amidst all this chaos, worrying about party equipment, its arrangements, and maintenance presents even more difficulties. You will already have too much to focus on something else. It would be best if you had a party without all the additional hurdles and headaches. Nonetheless, you do not need to take care of logistics here. Leave all your worries to party rentals. They will make sure to give you all equipment at the event location, set it up and pack it back when the event ends.      

You Get Professional Help

Professional rental companies can provide expert advice, experience, and expertise. You can discuss with experts what accessories, items, and supplies you need for your function. Moreover, they will adequately give you guidance on setting up equipment. Their valuable advice can be beneficial as they have years of experience working with multiple clients and organizing several events annually. By considering your preferences, themes, and budget limitations, experts help you make the best choice for the evening.  All you need to do is follow guidelines, use the equipment efficiently, and keep the furniture safe. This way, you can save a lot of effort, money, and time. The professional expertise that you need, you can get it from party rental services easily. They can be a valuable asset to your functions by helping you make quick decisions and giving you the latest, up-to-date party equipment.


With over 30 years of experience and the right expertise, Meadowvale Party Rentals has always prioritized customer satisfaction and top-quality services. Our staff is trained to handle all the loading, unloading, and managing of heavy party equipment. We provide our clients with the top-quality, well-maintained, latest equipment to ensure their parties go according to their plans. In addition, we give different options to cater to the needs of different customers and their events. From large tents of varying sizes, linen tablecloths, chairs, tables, and small complementary accessories, we have got you covered to make your next event an absolute success! Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, and having fun should be yours. Hire us to save yourself from the stress of purchasing everything from scratch—no need to put yourself in a hassle. We make sure that your function venue looks precisely how you have imagined and planned it. We help you execute your plans by offering sound counsel and guidance throughout the borrowing process. You should strive for an enjoyable gathering; we are here to help you achieve it!


In conclusion, renting equipment from party rentals is an easy and efficient way to organize events. This method offers its fair share of advantages. For instance, you will not have to worry about storage space availability, maintenance costs, repair duties, or outdated supplies. Let party rentals like Meadowvale Party Rentals take the wheel. Furthermore, we will provide you with many good options and a wide variety of different styles of furniture and décor stuff. On the other hand, if you decide to buy everything yourself, you will have to invest heavily initially. You can have more flexibility when using your own equipment than borrowed ones. However, you may be unable to keep up with the latest trends. You also cannot keep buying all the supplies repeatedly according to changing fashion trends. After evaluating both approaches, carefully decide what is more feasible for you. It is time to party like a pro with Meadowvale Party Rentals! So what are you waiting for? Have us on board and bid adieu to expensive purchases. Have a query or a concern? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and prices!

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