Tips For Hosting A Spectacular Bridal Shower

Soon To Be A Bride? | 08 Tips For Hosting A Spectacular Bridal Shower


Are you or someone close to you getting married soon? With the wedding date getting nearer, the anticipation and anxiety of the event may start to overwhelm you, but that is completely alright. To cope with the ongoing stress, you should organize some fun-filled events with your friends and family, and what better event to host than a bridal shower? In this blog, Meadowvale Party Rentals will provide eight tips that can assist you in hosting a spectacular bridal shower that will indeed become the highlight of your social circle!


Let us look at the top 08 tips that will turn your event from great to extraordinary.

Mentally Prepare Yourself For A Fun Day

Before diving into the preparations, first and foremost, you have to understand the significance of a bridal shower. This day is all about the celebration of the bride with her loved ones before the wedding. A bridal shower is a special event where the bride’s close friends and family members gather to participate in revelries.   

It is a fun day when the bride makes lots of memories and spends time with loved ones until eventually moving out of the house and going to a new place. You can also think of the bridal shower as a mini wedding event to test out what color palettes will go well with the decor or experiment with several themes. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, ensure you are mentally and physically well for a day like this. After all, at the end of the day, it is about your comfort time with others before all the anticipation of the wedding comes pouring in. Our motto for this day is one: Enjoy it to the fullest!

Answer Some Important Questions

Let us consider some significant questions as the answers are imperative to your occasion. For instance, decide who is going to host the bridal shower. Is it the maid of honor or perhaps all of the bridesmaids? Or the bride is the one to see the job done? The roles and responsibilities will shift accordingly. Second, when should you arrange the function? Usually, brides like to celebrate the bridal shower one or two months prior to the actual wedding. This gives you a lot of time for preparations and mentally preparing for the big day. Therefore, confirm the wedding date before moving on to the shower. It would be best if you also decided when the shower should start. You can arrange the event for lunchtime or wait for the night to get the party started! It all depends on your theme as well. Lastly, take into account the expenses your bridal shower will incur. We understand that weddings can often be heavy on pockets. Calculate all the costs of décor, food, arrangements, and dresses. If the costs are exceeding your budget limits, then consider DIY projects. They allow you to be relatively cost-effective. You can learn how to make decorations, up-cycle objects to make new things for the party, and guess what? It is sustainable also! 

Prepare A Guest List

Your guest list for a bridal shower and wedding will differ greatly in size. A bridal shower is a more intimate event that women prefer to share with a few of their friends and family members. That is why the venue will also be small compared to the wedding’s place.

Keep in mind all of your close friends, bridesmaids, and family members. You can decide on the venue accordingly once you know how many people you invite. It is important to send invitations on time to make it convenient for guests to clear up their busy schedules. Include all the vital details of time, location, and who is hosting. You can also add instructions about the theme or color palette the guests should follow when dressing up. 

Decide A Proper Venue

Next up is perhaps the most essential decision when hosting a bridal shower – the venue. The options you can choose from are endless! For example, an intimate backyard bridal shower is always in fashion. Celebrating the blossoming of a new love in a place familiar to the bride and her loved ones is heart-warming. However, remember that the event’s main focus is celebration and having fun, so you can always experiment with new fascinating locations. 


If you do not have enough space in your backyard or lawn, then go for a restaurant or a hall. Explain to the staff the type of décor you want. Show them some pictures for inspiration. In this way, you do not have to worry about arranging food as the restaurant staff will take care of that. Furthermore, you will be free of all pre-and post-party cleanup stress.

Various Themes To Select From

In recent years, bridal showers have become so popular that you can find thousands of these ideas online. We will list some of the unique themes so you can get a hint of where to start.

Select A Theme

You can opt for a fun pool day with bikinis, or maybe a sudden flyover to Vegas is more your style. After all, whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Another exciting option is a minimalism mingle that is all about having pastel colors, simple décor, and elegant dresses to make a statement. Remember that the selected theme will ultimately decide the type of cake you will have. The cake is the highlight of any bridal shower, so it is imperative to match it with the overall theme of the party. You can be quite creative in this domain too. There can be tons of creative designs to choose from. You can have a pretty bride doll on the cake with a chic frosting that says “Bride to be.” Or maybe you will like a simple cake with lots of flowers adorning one side. Let your imagination and creativity run wild here!

Have a Plan B Ready

A rule of thumb when arranging an event is always to have a plan B ready. Unfortunately, there can be many mishaps or incidents that can occur unexpectedly during preparations. It can be poor weather conditions, sudden downpours, power outages, and music setup problems.     

For these reasons, it is wise to prepare for every situation beforehand. For instance, if you are hosting an outdoor bridal shower, have a backup tent. If you sense the onset of heavy rainfall, erect a tent as quickly as possible to provide shelter. This practical approach ensures that your festivities will not be interrupted. Moreover, if your place is infamous for frequent power outages, then ensure you have an extra generator or solar-powered batteries for the sound system and lighting arrangement.

Set apart some part of the budget if something unforeseen occurs. Ensure you can communicate with your guests effectively at the last moment if needed. In this manner, you can inform them about any changes in time or venue. It is better to have more food than required. At the end of the day, you can pack it all up and take it home, so there is no waste. Additional food can also accommodate any extra people attending the event. These backup plans will aid you in navigating unexpected situations in dire times. Furthermore, they will also provide peace of mind to the host and help avoid potentially unpleasant circumstances.

Party rentals strive to make your event go as smoothly as possible. Experts like Meadowvale Party Rentals, with their trained workers and years of experience, take care of any disagreeable situations to make your next event a hit!

Select The Right Furniture And Décor

Selecting the right furniture and décor is crucial during the arrangement process. You want to ensure that everything aligns well with the party’s theme. Every piece of furniture makes a different statement at your event; every decoration exhibits different elegance. Furniture pieces tell stories of their own. Choose them carefully to further the central theme of your party. 

Meadowvale Party Rentals provide multiple table options: rectangle, round, and cruiser. For chairs, we give you simple folding, Chiavari, Bistro, and Tiffany ones in various colors and sizes.

We also offer an extensive collection of napkins, linens, tablecloths, and other accessories. You can have tablecloths of several colors and shapes. Our favorites for bridal showers are pink and white clothes that contribute to a graceful display. Our chair sashes, bows, gold, rose, and silver rhinestone clips are great bridal shower options. Focus on lighting and centerpieces to create a perfect celebratory event ambiance. Flowers, whether fresh or artificial, help you create a sophisticated atmosphere. The minute details you focus on can amplify the overall aesthetics of your event. Go for options that best suit your needs. Our experts at Meadowvale Party Rentals will give opinions and help you make decisions after receiving important details, such as venue space, number of guests, and budget.  

Prepare Gifts!

If you are a bridesmaid, then this one is specifically for you! Gifts are a must-have when it comes to weddings and bridal showers. This is just another way of exhibiting your affection for the bride and making her feel loved. There are various forms of gifts you can opt for. Take into consideration the personality and interests of the bride so that you can personalize the present.


You can give jewelry pieces with the initials of the couple engraved on them or picture frames. Another thoughtful gift is a photo album for the bride to store memories with her future husband in it. Do not forget to add a little heartfelt letter with the gift that includes some anecdotes or cherished memories. An exciting weekend getaway or spa vouchers are always a favorite when it comes to special presents for special occasions. After all, being surrounded by all girlfriends, among scented candles, and having massages sounds like a much-needed relaxation day for a bride.   


To sum it up, our eight tips will help you organize a bridal shower that is truly spectacular. First off, you have to prepare yourself for a fun day mentally. Know the significance of a bridal shower for the bride and her family.       

Ponder some important questions, such as who will host the bridal shower, where, and when. Prepare a guest list that includes your loved ones and close friends. Send invitations to the guests as soon as the date is decided. Include all the relevant details about the time and location. Your guest list will define the venue for the bridal shower. Regarding the theme, you can experiment with different ones, like a pool day, a flyover to Vegas, or a minimal party. The theme, in turn, will dictate the color palette, dress code, and decoration type.

Ensure you have some backup plans ready if things do not go as planned. For instance, have tents, extra batteries, and additional food. Plan Bs aid you in navigating through challenging and unforeseen events.  

Who doesn’t love a personalized gift on extraordinary occasions? Prepare memorable and unique gifts for the bride, ranging from jewelry to photo albums. Select the right tableware, linen, chairs, and clothes that align with your theme. Meadowvale Party Rentals provide you with many choices in different colors, textures, and sizes to accommodate your needs.


Hire For Your Own Event

It makes perfect sense to hire party rentals for your events. Professionals like Meadowvale Party Rentals have all the right things for your big day. Our staff members are trained specifically to plan your events with great expertise. Whether it is tents, tableware, chairs, catering equipment, or linen rentals – we offer it all! We love a well-planned bridal shower and would be delighted to help you arrange one. Contact us today for further details about our services and make your appointment!

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