Host a Fabulous Christmas Party

Your Guide to Host a Fabulous Christmas Party

The most beautiful time of the year is here! When everyone wants to forget their worries and looks forward to attending parties, reconnecting with friends and family, and having fun decorating! That’s why hosting a Christmas party is an impeccable idea to gather all your favorite people in one place and have a memorable evening. Now that Covid-19 is almost gone, there is no restriction on mingling. Thus, you can have friends and family at home this time. If you are an easy-going boss, you can invite your employees on Christmas Eve. It will allow you to appreciate their hard work and dedication all year. Moreover, it also allows you to socialize with them. Such chances only come sometimes!

Yet, hosting a party is a challenging task. The primary concern is the event’s theme, which requires brainstorming and research. It is the one step you cannot skip. Luckily for you, we have it covered! Here are the top three themes you can use for your next Christmas party.

❇️ Candy Party

Even in this era of no sugar, carbs, and artificial food coloring, candy parties remain a favorite. The reason being Christmas is incomplete without sweets. So even the most diet-conscious people consider Christmas as a cheat day. The party’s decor, theme, and food will make you reminisce about your childhood days and remember the house from the tale of “Hansel and Gretel.” 

Candy Christmas Party

✨ How to Execute

Here are the four factors you must remember when hosting a Candy Christmas Party:

The Decor

Selecting a suitable venue for your party is crucial as it reflects the overall atmosphere. Whether you aim to organize a cozy indoor party with close family members or a lavish one with an open invitation, the venue holds significant importance. The decor of the party would depend entirely on the location of the party as well. There are many ways to light your house up in a Candyland aesthetic. You may decorate the walls with candy cane-shaped balloons or hang them from the ceiling using fish wire.

Furthermore, you can use fairy lights to help lift the party’s mood and add to the outlook. Complying with the candy theme, you may use red and white fairy lights and wrap them around door frames. The sparkly, bright red lights will tinge your venue and give it an enamoring glow which will be the cherry on top of the decor for your Christmas candy party.

The Dressing

Designing costumes for themed parties can be daunting, though it is more fun than expected. There are a lot of outfit ideas for a candy party: from tutus to onesies, you can wear anything! However, they must follow one requirement. The dresses are supposed to be of bright colors so they can contribute to the Candyland vibe that the party is attempting to capture. Moreover, the attendees can also wear colorful wigs and candy tiaras. Adults may also put on funky makeup to fit into the theme. If you do the proper research, there is much room for creativity with your outfits for a candy party!

The Food and Crockery

As you already know, you must have sweets on the menu when arranging a candy party. A wide variety of candies and sweets are available at your local superstore. You can pick any out of them. A necessity is having candy cane, smarties, jellies, and lollipops on the menu! Besides this, you can have a signature cocktail for your Christmas candy party. Consider serving a peppermint twist with a mini candy cane as your primary beverage. You may bake classic brownies and top them up with crushed candy.

Moreover, cupcakes and cookies with multi-colored icing are possible options as well. As for crockery, you may use Christmas-printed tableware in red and green hues. You may also wrap the cutlery in candy bracelets to encourage their use for children!

The Unique Factor

Every party needs a factor that sets them apart from countless others. You can add fun to your Christmas candy party by having a pinata stuffed with candies, chocolates, confetti, and small gifts. You can customize the pinata as a reindeer, Santa, Rudolph, snowman – anything. You may ask your guests to take turns at the pinata or make it a children-exclusive deal – It is all up to you! The pinata activity will entertain guests of all ages, and it will indeed become the highlight of your party and add to its success. 

❇️ Ugly Sweater Party

The first ever Ugly Sweater Party took place in 2002, and since then, it has been widely famous among the millennials. The gist of the party is just as the name suggests; all attendees have to wear “ugly sweaters.” Now the question arises, what are ugly sweaters? Worry not; we will explore that in this section. Like every party, this one has its specific purpose too. Usually, an ugly sweater party is a getaway from the cliche formal parties. You can be at complete ease, with no need for uncomfortable costumes. The only important thing is remembering to have fun! There’s no need to limit your options because of the theme; you can add anything you like! There’s no restriction on board and card games, impromptu delicacies, or made-up contests! Let’s examine the four steps you must follow to plan an ugly sweater party.

Ugly Sweater Party

✨ How to Execute

Here are the four factors to remember when executing an ‘Ugly Sweater’ theme.

The Decor

You can select a huge variety of decor ideas for your party. Luckily, you can do them all by yourself easily! Decorative fitting items for your party will take only a pinch of research and creativity. You may choose to purchase them from conventional stores, too. However, DIY is recommended as it awakens the Christmas spirit and saves money. You can decorate wine glasses with ribbons and small-sized pom poms in Christmas colors. You may add little Christmas sweaters to the bottles to align them with the ugly sweater theme.

Moreover, balloons are the decoration you must not forget! You can also accent your festive party with red, green, gold, and black balloons. You can also add sparkles to your party with glitter signs as backdrops, easily customizable with whatever text you want. There are endless alternate ideas, and you will find the right one after browsing the internet!

The Dressing

As we have mentioned, “Ugly sweaters” must be worn. By definition, ugly sweaters may include the ones knitted with flashy, stereotypical Christmas designs. Often, reindeer, snowflakes, snowmen, and cartoon renditions of Santa and his sleigh are found on these sweaters. Any sweater with a bright color and a loud pattern fits this party. Silly Rudolph faces sweaters are loved by the children, especially.

Moreover, onesies of Christmas-relevant patterns and designs are worn too. Reindeer onesies look hilarious and fit right into the theme! Such informal clothing creates a lighthearted and positive environment that promotes relaxation.

The Food and Crockery

Food is the highlight of all parties, and it has to be the right pick. You have loads of options for your ugly sweater Christmas party. You can choose anything from red velvet cupcakes with classic sweater pattern toppings to gingerbread cookies wearing ugly sweaters. Margarita punch or pomegranate martini for a beverage served in your DIY Christmas glasses will be an impeccable choice. You can also make a full-sized cake and top it with fondants and icing to give it the Christmas spirit. You may use reusable cutlery in red and green hues for crockery to envelope the vibes. Printed napkins customized for ugly sweater parties are readily available so you can buy them from your nearest store. 

The Unique Factor

What sets ugly sweater parties apart is that they are unconventional, so you can add anything to them without worrying about whether it goes with the theme. A karaoke set-up at your Christmas party is guaranteed to be the hotspot. You can believe us when we tell you everyone will love the karaoke set. Everyone can take turns at the karaoke and sing carols or classic songs together. You could also make this into a contest with a prize for the ones with the highest score. Additionally, to make it more fun, you could pick who will take turns at the karaoke by a raffle or lucky draw. Having a Karaoke set up as a new edition will be a trendsetter at your party and ultimately be the reason why every attendee holds your party memorable.

❇️ Blue and Gold Christmas

According to the trends, blue and gold are the key colors for Christmas 2022. This color duo gives an aesthetic edge to anything it is used for. From decor to dressing, this theme will not disappoint.

Blue and Gold Christmas

✨ How to Execute

Here’s how you can execute a blue-and-gold theme this Christmas.

The Decor

Under this theme, the hosts can decorate their dining halls with blue balloons and golden stars. The table sheets can be navy blue paired with gold table mats to comply with the theme. Moreover, both gold and blue colored candles can give a royal feel. You can choose to have scented, floating, or even basic candles. It depends entirely on you! Though, typically scented candles are preferred because of their aroma. Furthermore, since floral arrangements add the necessary ambiance to the decor, you may choose to add a pop of color using red or ivory flowers. Red Chrysanthemums or Roses and White Dahlias or Daffodils can be appropriate picks.

The Dressing

You may decide to keep the dressing theme casual or fancy. Luckily, blue and gold are an epic combination that works fine for both. Dresses of the color duo will look classy and flashy, as mentioned earlier. At the same time, casual attire may give a cozy, homely vibe. Navy blue woolen outfits look very fuzzy and cute, and pairing them with gold accessories will be the best blend that adds more beauty to the style.

The Food and Crockery

Deciding the menu for a blue-gold-themed party can be tricky, yet exciting! You can go overboard with lemon tarts, blueberry delights, banana puddings, blue jello desserts, and whatnot. Moreover, you can add macaroons to the menu: This little delicacy will be the show stealer. You can customize it in blue and gold hues quickly as well. Donuts and cookies with funky blue toppings can be an appropriate option, too, along with having blue punch as your primary beverage! As for your crockery, china factory navy blue plates can complete the themed event. Apart from plates and dishes, gold cutlery can take guests back to monarchical times.

The Unique Factor

The flying lanterns are a unique factor for a blue and gold-themed Christmas party. The night sky full of stars and fire balloons of gold wholly aligned with the theme. You can include flying lanterns at the end of the party to give it a memorable conclusion. It will guarantee that your attendees stay interested till the end of the party as they have something grand to look forward to. Besides sounding aesthetic, the unique factor will ensure everyone enjoys the party to the fullest. 

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❇️ Conclusion

Parties are organized to get together with people and have a pleasant time. A host who plans the party for everyone deserves relaxation more than anyone! That’s why hiring a party rental company is recommended. Meadowvale Party Rentals guarantee to help you plan and execute a successful event. Reach out to us today!

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