Fall Festivities Plan the Perfect Outdoor Party

Fall Festivities: Plan the Perfect Outdoor Party

❇️ Introduction

With fall upon us and winter just around the corner, the nights have turned chilly. This is the perfect time to get cozy and plan a fabulous party for your loved ones.   

In this blog, Meadowvale Party Rentals will provide you with 6 amazing ideas to turn the cold to cozy and plan a perfect outdoor party. We will guide you all about the equipment you can use and share extraordinary party ideas to make this event snow much fun! (Pun intended)

❇️ Embrace the Seasonal Splendor

Before we move on to how to create your own ultimate outdoor party on chilly nights, it is important to dive into the splendor of the season. We have to understand the significance of fall to fully embrace the cycle of life and the ripeness that comes with it. 

The season is an amalgamation of cozy vibes, spookiness, and all the hues of a dark palette. Fall is a time of rebirth and maturity. It symbolizes new beginnings and a smooth transition from summer to winter when the warmth of the sun gives way to the cold.   

This presents the perfect opportunity for you to revel in the festivities in your own way! Recreate the spookiness of the season or delve into the coziness with hot drinks while surrounded by your loved ones: family or friends. So, without waiting any further, let us look at how you can create such a party for yourself and double all the fun!   

Embrace the Seasonal Splendor

❇️ Top 6 Amazing Ideas for Your Perfect Outdoor Party

Here are some amazing and exciting ideas for your party on chilly nights.

Bonfire and BBQ!

The classic combo of bonfire and BBQ can never go wrong, and we meant it! Light up a bonfire in the middle and gather your friends around it. Meanwhile, set up the BBQ grill in the corner, along with all the equipment, meat, and burger buns.    

Bonfires work great on chilly nights. You can put several blankets around it, and do not forget to arrange snacks like cookies, crackers, and marshmallows.

What is even better than hot beverages on cold nights? To earn the brownie points, you can set up a beverage station where drinks like hot coffee and tea will be available. Offer your guests whipped cream, sprinklers, syrups, or cinnamon sticks that can be the cherry on top!         

To host a splendid BBQ, you need to have all the right equipment at the venue, and the best way to do that is to hire party rentals. You can rely on the amazing rental products of Meadowvale Party Rentals for your big event.

We lend a large variety of tables, chairs, and BBQ grills with or without propane tanks to suit your convenience. Furthermore, you can rent catering equipment and accessories like a cooler, hot box, or corn and lobster pot. Check out our website for financial details and booking policies.

Game Nights are The Best!

Game nights in chilly weather can be quite an adventure in itself. You can organize interesting games like Scavenger Hunt, Capture the Flag, Musical Chairs, classic Truth and Dare, and Corn Hole. These games are perfect to engage your guests and keep them entertained.

As for décor, you can make lanterns and set up LED lights all over the backyard to give a festive feel. Place the chairs or sofas in a circle on the ground so everyone faces each other.

For nights like this, keeping everyone warm and cozy becomes your top priority. To fulfill this purpose, you can rent small outdoor heaters from Meadowvale Party Rentals.  

Patio heaters come in handy during these occasions as they are essential during cold months. Their small sizes and convenient build allow you to place them strategically around the seating area for everyone. 

You can also find games like jack tables in various sizes, along with poker chips and cash boxes, on our website. These rentals entertain your guests whether the party is outdoors or indoors. 

Stargazing is Still in Style

It is difficult to find clear nights in cities for stargazing. However, if you do so, then pounce upon the opportunity the minute it arrives! Stargazing is still very much in fashion, and it is even better on winter nights. In winter, the sky is often clear and free of clouds to view stars and planets.

If you host a stargazing session with your friends, the whole experience can become truly magical. Set up a telescope and download an astronomy app that lets you locate celestial objects. If you are lucky, you may witness constellations or even a meteor shower on a clear night. You can even hold a mini-competition to see who identifies the most constellations correctly.

To ensure the utmost comfort of your guests, put around a lot of blankets surrounded by electronic heaters or hand warmers. It is essential to stay warm. Ask them to dress up in many layers and cover themselves properly since you will stay outside for quite some time to enjoy the stars. While you are at it, make sure to go all out and wear socks, gloves, beanies, and a muffler for protection.   

And how can anyone say no to hot beverages and delectable treats while stargazing? It adds a touch of comfort to your endeavor. Prepare hot chocolate, coffee, and tea for your guests to complete their magical night. You can also have sandwiches, pastries, and cookies as little snacks! 

The Classic Movie Night

Celebration of fall is incomplete without a classic movie night! Set up a theatre outside in your backyard or lawn with a projector and large screen. These months are ideal for outdoor movies, as the nights are crisp but bearable.

Decorate the place with spooky figurines, lots of lanterns, candles, posters, and fairy lighting to create the perfect ambiance. After all, there is nothing more significant than an appealing, inviting atmosphere for your event. Make sure to place small and dim lighting around that will not interfere with the projector but is bright enough that your guests can see in the dark.    

Make the seating arrangements comfortable enough for guests. Provide them with soft bean bags, blankets, and shawls. Moreover, food is the backbone of any event, so make sure your guests have the essentials: popcorn, candies, nachos, sodas, and milkshakes.   

To add that extra tinge of excitement to your party, specify a dress code beforehand. Encourage your guests to dress up as movie stars or make it a pajama party if you want to keep things casual.

Watch horror films to commemorate the true essence of this season. This event can also be a perfect place to gather and share horror anecdotes with each other. During eating sessions, you can also have music in the background on loudspeakers to make the event more enjoyable.

Go All Out With Tents!

What better way to shield your guests from the unpredictable weather than tents?  If you have enough space, it is time to go all out and install stylish tents. Tents add a tinge of practicality and aesthetics to your events.      

You can tailor the decoration of the tents according to your theme. Your décor can include LED lights, chandeliers, flowers, matching seating arrangements, and drapes.

If you are hosting a dance party, you can set up dance floors and big disco lights along with loud music. Tents provide the perfect atmosphere and privacy for parties like that.

Whether you are hosting a casual event, a dance party, or a corporate occasion, tents shelter your guests from extreme weather and make your gatherings more intimate.

A tent setup also demands proper catering and dining arrangements. Set up food and beverage stations where you can incorporate the idea of self-service. As for the seating preparations, tents can accommodate many people at once if you effectively manage the given space. Make sure to leave space for the dance floor and arrange chairs around it.       

So elevate your event and its hype by installing a tent outdoors. It is a wonderful way to create a memorable experience for your guests in outdoor settings.

You can find amazing tents of various sizes and dimensions at Meadowvale Party Rentals. The sizes range from 10×10 to 40×140 – perfect for all sorts of occasions.     

If the available space is limited, you can rent self-installed canopy tents of 10×10 sizes. Their setup is super easy and quick!   

A Large Festive Feast!

Want to hear an unpopular opinion? Feasts are as much fun in winter as they are in summer! Your picnics and feasts do not have to stop just because the summer is gone. 

To do justice to the festive season, set up a large table in the middle of the place. Decorate it with a beautiful huge centerpiece and other floral arrangements. Hang up fairy lights all over the setting and use candles on the table to contribute to the festive vibes.   

Use natural elements like tree branches to decorate the whole place. This fosters a sense of connection with nature and enhances the charm of your parties. You can rent beautiful chairs and tableware to complete the outlook or simply put wooden benches around the picnic table.   

The most important part of the feast would be (obviously) the food, so make sure to prepare lots of it! Serve all meal courses starting with appetizers and main courses and then ending with a wonderful dessert.

For main courses, you can include roasted turkey or chicken, grilled fish, and lasagnes. Your side dishes can include mashed potatoes, garlic bread, hummus, sauces, Russian salad, and stir-fried vegetables. Conclude your extraordinary feast with pies or cheesecakes. Last but not least, serve your guests hot drinks like tea or cocoa along with cookies.     

Excellent food and appealing presentation can truly make this outdoor feast party a success!

❇️ Hire Meadowvale Party Rentals For Your Own Outdoor Party!

Looking to hire party rentals for your next big outdoor event? Look no further because we have got your back!

Hire Meadowvale Party Rentals For Your Own Outdoor Party

With years of experience working in the field, the right equipment, and professional expertise, Meadowvale Party Rentals is the perfect partner for your event. You can find all the necessary equipment in one place!  

We offer tents, globe lights, and parquet dance floors for your fancy events. Moreover, you can get a wide variety of chairs and tables. The tables come in multiple sizes and shapes, including rectangle, round, and cruiser. As for chairs, you can order basic folding ones, bistro, Chiavari chairs, or Tiffany chairs.  

Along with the basic furniture, you can rent tableware equipment like napkins, tablecloths of multiple colors, and linen accessories. 

We also offer BBQ and catering equipment. So whether it is a BBQ bash, birthday party, outdoor picnic, or dance night out, hire Meadowvale Party Rentals to make your event a complete success! 

❇️ Conclusion

To conclude it all, a celebration of fall festivities requires you to plan a perfect outdoor party. We have mentioned above the top 6 ideas for your outdoor event. You can go for a classic BBQ and bonfire night with your loved ones or host game nights in the chilly weather if you are feeling adventurous.

Stargazing is still very much in fashion, and we wholly stand by our statement. You can create the perfect environment for gazing at stars under the cool and clear winter nights. One can never go wrong with a movie night, and what’s better than cuddling under the cozy blankets with your loved ones anyway? 

If you want to go all out in the festive season, then arrange a big feast outside along with all the right décor and lighting to revel in the festive vibes. Moreover, you can install tents, globe lights, and dance floors to make an amazing dancing ambiance with your friends. Believe us when we say that the options are countless! 

So, are you ready to host your own perfect outdoor party? Wait no more! Contact us today for further details or bookings.

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