A tent is a great way to create an outdoor space for any event. You can use them for weddings, birthdays, engagements, corporate events, and more. A tent can provide an intimate and private area while still allowing guests to enjoy the outdoors. The type of tent you use will depend on the size of your event and what you want it to look like. Here are ten ways using a tent will enhance your party.


Tent Rentals

⭕ Protection against bad weather

You will need to consider the climate where your event will take place. However, you can still never predict the weather for sure. There will always be room for surprise rainfall, snowfall, or excessive heat, depending on the season. Hence, a tent will offer your event protection against bad weather in unforeseeable situations.

⭕ Low-cost compared to banquet halls

It is a surprise to none that a decent banquet hall is far costlier than renting a tent. If you do not wish to spend on a banquet hall, your next best option is a tent rental. It is far cheaper and more customizable than a banquet hall. Unlike in a hall, you will pay only for the space you genuinely require, be it for twenty guests or eighty. Moreover, due to its spacious and airy ambiance, it is better than an in-house party.

⭕ Customizable theme

When you contact professional tent rental companies, such as Meadowvale Party Rentals, you always have the option to ‘customize’ your event. Need the décor to be floral-themed? Leave it to us. Need to set up fans to combat excessive heat? We have got you! Need a theme, but you are out of ideas? Let us suggest you something based on your area and event type. The point is that you can customize the décor to your liking, and we shall comply.

⭕ Themes to choose from

If you are uncertain about the theme, you can always ask us to show you the previous events we have organized. It will offer ideas for the event theme. You may choose your theme from the existing ones or come up with an idea yourself.

Tent themes
In any case, you can easily visualize what you want your event to look like. It will allow you to estimate the costs quicker and know what to expect from our professional services.

⭕ Freedom to choose location

You can set up a tent anywhere you decide. This perk allows you to choose meaningful or just feasible places for you. For instance, a couple may want to get their wedding reception at the beach where they first met. Alternatively, you may know of a beautiful park to host your event. In any case, the location of the tent is yours to decide.

⭕ Multiple tent sizes to choose from

Hosting an outdoor event does not equate to needing a large area. What it does equate to is to get complete flexibility. At Meadowvale Party Rentals, we offer tents of different sizes to accommodate various events and needs.

Big or small, whatever size you require, we have got you covered. You may also choose to set up multiple smaller tents for large areas to segment different activities, such as a smoking area and a kids’ play area.

⭕ Offers greater privacy

Tents are often used to create an intimate setting. You can use them for formal events such as weddings or meetings. The intimate setting offers greater privacy and sociability to your guests. You can also block out noise from outside through tents to make the guests feel more relaxed and comfortable. Hence, a party under a tent is the perfect option for having a private gathering with only close friends and family.

⭕ One less thing to worry about

Weeks before a party, you may start to stress out about little things. At that moment, you will feel at ease to have contacted professional party rentals. It takes one thing off your mind and helps you feel at peace. At Meadowvale Party Rentals, we take full responsibility for setting up, taking down, and arranging tent accessories to perfection. All you need to do is sit back and focus your energy on something else.

⭕ Tent accessories

Tent accessories are optional, but they add flair to your tent décor. It enhances the beauty of your tent and your party. Depending on your event type, you can set up sidewalls, games, photo booths, and a kids’ play area. You can also ask your rental company to equip your tent with a dance floor, a DJ space, fancy lighting, and subflooring. The charges for each will vary, but it will make your event more fun and memorable for the guests.

⭕ Convenient to accommodate lots of guests

The assumption that tents are “too small” to accommodate plenty of people is a myth. Even for many people, tents provide sufficient space for everyone to enjoy the party.

Of course, it will increase the cost of reserving a huge tent, but it will not fail to accommodate hundreds of people. Alternatively, tents will also be sufficient if the number of guests is significantly less. Either way, tents are perfect for both big and small events.



Planning a big event can be a difficult task, especially when you are trying to figure out how to decorate. From the venue to the food, it seems like there are always so many details that need to be considered. But if you are looking for a way to make your event even more memorable, event decor is the answer! Whether you want something simple or extravagant, we have got five tips for making your next event a hit.

⭕ Subflooring

Subflooring refers to the floor underneath the new floor you are setting up. It is the understructure upon which the new floor will be positioned. It provides a concrete and solid surface to ensure that the ‘main’ floor stays supported throughout the event. If you wish to add structural strength to the floor, it is necessary to have it.

⭕ Tent sidewalls

Sidewalls or side panels are attachable walls to a tent. They may have a doorway and windows in the sidewalls to make the tent look aesthetic from the inside. They are optional, and tents can be set up without them too. However, sidewalls offer guests greater privacy, safety, and intimacy. It helps block out outside noise and ensures that the party remains uninterrupted. Considering the perks mentioned earlier, it becomes necessary to have sidewalls at your party.

⭕ Parquet dance floor

What is a party without a dance floor? Incomplete. Whether it is a birthday, wedding, or even a corporate event, having a dance floor gives the guests a platform to enjoy themselves.

It offers a designated area to dance around and ensure everyone has a good time. So the next time you have a party, make sure to let a dance floor occupy some space to make the party more fun and memorable.

⭕ Globe lights

Globe lights are big, circular light bulbs used in ornamental settings such as a party. Perfect for evening and nighttime events, globe lights add a necessary glow to the party. It literally ‘lights’ the event up and looks beautiful doing so. From aesthetics’ viewpoint, globe lights are a must-have for all events.

⭕ Site inspection

Not a tangible product you can add to your tent, but getting a site inspection will help you more than you realize. Site inspection is when you hire professionals to visit the event site and offer your recommendations. These recommendations can be regarding the size of the tent you should rent, the number of people it will accommodate, and how much it would cost you in total. Experts at Meadowvale Party Rentals are ever-ready to inspect the lieu of tent for you.



As mentioned before, site inspection means obtaining the professional opinion of experts for tent-related questions. If you wish to skip this, hold on. Please take a look at the benefits it offers you before making a final choice. Here are few of the benefits that site inspection from Meadowvale Party Rentals has to offer you.

⚡ Recognition of potential hazards: Since the person in charge is experienced and qualified, they can quickly point out any dangerous features present at the event location. They may offer you consultancy regarding the risky element involved at the time of the event.

⚡ Recommendation from professionals: You may not know what size of tent to rent and how many people it would accommodate. For these reasons, you should hire a site inspector and let them answer those questions for you.

⚡ Better-equipped on the event date: It goes without saying that a wedding at a beach and a birthday in the backyard of a house will require different details to look after. The rental company will ensure that solid wind does not ruin the event for a beach. Therefore, they will bring suitable equipment to ensure that it does not happen on the event day.

⚡ Get site inspection only: Even if you do not wish to hire a rental company, you can still employ a site inspector. For a certain fee, the site inspector will visit your event area, take a look around, and offer you their best professional advice. You can avail of this recommendation even without hiring a tent from the company. A huge perk, right?



Deciding the suitable size for your party is a crucial task. You do not want to end up paying more than you need to; hence, it is vital to make an informed decision. It always helps to hire a professional company and get them to inspect the site for you. However, if you cannot afford those extra dollars, you should note the following information.


⚡ You will need 100 square feet of tent per 10-15 people. It accommodates ten people if the seating arrangement is on tables and fifteen if the seating arrangement is theater-styled.

⚡ The final number depends on whether guests are seated at standing tables and how you are setting up seating/tables if applicable.


To sum it up, renting a tent for a party beautifies the event a lot. It offers greater privacy, customizable décor, and relatively inexpensive total costs. You will have more room to dance and move around in the tent than you would in a small house or apartment. Your guests will feel like they are in an enchanting forest with the pretty lights and decorations inside the tent.

If not, it will at least keep out those pesky bugs! In any case, a suitable tent will make your event more fun and memorable. Contact Meadowvale Party Rentals right now to reserve your event date.


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