Do Not Be Afraid Of Post-party Cleanup! | 7 Steps For A Stress-Free Cleaning


After you have arranged a wonderful gathering for your family or thrown a fun party for your friends in the backyard, in the end, you face the inevitable task of cleaning. Post-party cleaning is something many of you dread, and we understand your concerns. However, pre-party preparations take up much time and exhaust you. Similarly, post-party confusion and fatigue may leave you wondering where to begin. But, you do not have to worry, because we have you covered! In this blog, Meadowvale Party Rentals will share the top 7 steps for post-party cleanup to organize and tidy your cleaning session.


Let us have a look at the top seven steps for easy and organized post-party cleanup. 

Always Have A Checklist

After you finish your event, you may be confused about where to start. It is undoubtedly alright if you feel this way. Cleaning processes are often hectic and time-consuming, so make a checklist. 

A checklist lists items or things you must do or consider for some essential purpose. It is an efficient way to list the small and big tasks you must complete. Ticking off your tasks enhances productivity and gives you a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small. Moreover, you get motivated as you keep marking off the list and get near your goal. Also, a checklist saves you from the overwhelming experience of cleaning haphazardly. You can prioritize tasks based on their size and urgency, as some chores require immediate attention compared to others. Prioritizing your work this way helps ensure you divide labor and only execute some tasks in one day.


See what needs to be sorted out immediately. For instance, instantly take care of food items as they may go bad. Put them in the refrigerator. Similarly, wine or juice spills leave dark stains on carpets or sheets. These stains get fully absorbed into the fabric if left overnight. They become stubborn, and their removal is even more difficult. Make sure to clean them up with cleaning solutions on time. On the other hand, moving furniture or vacuuming can be postponed for the next day. All in all, prepare a checklist beforehand to amplify your management focus and get things done quickly. 

Pack Up Leftovers

Every occasion involves food, whether a lively gathering or a formal office event. After your party, you will probably be left with a lot of leftover food. Prioritize surplus management on your checklist. Otherwise, it may go stale overnight. 

Buy small containers to store away all the extra food in the refrigerator for later use. Additionally, you can have sealed or zipper bags to put in chips, cookies, or snacks to preserve them. Sealing bags restrict air and moisture exposure and keep your snacks fresh for a long time. Another way you can take care of food is by packing them for your guests to take home. This way, you do not have to store several kilograms of food in your fridge. 

As for washing all the dishes and utensils, if you have a dishwasher, you can immediately get started. If you leave dishes overnight, the food stuck on them hardens and becomes difficult to remove. Load the dishwasher as soon as possible to deal with the collection of dishes. Then, repeat the cycle until you finish the task on time. The goal at the end of the party is to ensure all chores are done and dusted as efficiently as possible.

A significant benefit of hiring a party rental company is that you do not have to fret over cleaning and storing utensils. The company will take care of all the matters at the end of your event. Contact them, and they will arrive at the designated place to collect the rented equipment. To avail yourself of such services, contact Meadowvale Party Rentals.

Garbage Cleaning Comes Up Next

The next step involves taking out the trash in garbage bags. Ultimately, party venue may be left with plastic cups, plates, or bottles you must dispose of. A messy ending to your party is a given, so do not stress over it. Ensure you have garbage bags ready before the party.

Target things that are littered all over the place. These include food scraps, plastic cups, plates, party hats, used napkins, cans, glass bottles, and gift wrappers. Segregate plastic, glass, paper, tin, and Styrofoam using different bags. Not to mention, materials such as plastic and Styrofoam are hazardous to the environment. They are difficult to break down properly. Make sure to dispose of or recycle them properly. It is also better to switch to biodegradable alternatives. 

garbage cleaning - party cleanup

Take Care Of The Décor And Furniture

Taking care of the decorations and all the accessories is something you can leave on for the next day. Put it on your checklist to remove decoration centerpieces, LED or fairy lights, hanging clothes, banners, posters, and balloons. 

Sweep away all the confetti and glitter using a broom. An important tip is to use tablecloths at your event. Fully cover your precious tables with disposable tablecloths you can toss in trash cans later.   

You also have to move furniture back to its original place after the gathering ends. Many backyard or outside gatherings require the furniture to be taken outside. If you did something similar, cover the furniture with clothes or sheets for the time being. Moving huge and heavy household goods when you are already exhausted is very tiring. Although, beware of the weather changes. Keep on checking your local weather report. If there are chances of rain or a storm, immediately take all the furniture inside. You do not want your comfy sofa or luxurious wooden chairs drenched in heavy rainfall!

Here comes another advantage of hiring party rentals. Companies like Meadowvale Party Rentals will handle all the rented furniture and equipment. With employees fully trained and qualified, they will come to the party place to load and unload everything.     

Vacuum And Mop The Floors

Now that you have taken care of the furniture and major décor pieces, it is time for vacuuming. Vacuuming is necessary, especially if your party is organized inside the house. Leaving food scraps on floors and carpets causes insects, particularly ants, to gather in your home.  

Start by opening all the windows of your house for cross ventilation. Doing so will allow air circulation and remove all odors after the party. Next, vacuum the floors thoroughly to remove all the debris, paper, and crumbs deep-seated in the carpets. 

mop floors

Your guests may have spilled fluids on carpets and floors. So utilize a mild detergent and mop all the floors wholly. It is important to note that cleaning up spilled drinks and stains requires prompt action! You cannot wait for the next day as there are chances of stains becoming permanent. Finally, allow the floors to dry entirely. Ensure you use the right cleaning essentials to avoid damaging and discoloring floor tiles or carpet threads.

Use A Disinfectant For A Thorough Cleanup

A lot of people show up when you organize a party, especially if it is arranged at home. Even if you have made arrangements outside, guests will occasionally go inside the house to use bathrooms, visit the kitchen or look at some new furniture you have recently bought. As a result, they unknowingly disturb your hygiene. For these reasons, you should opt for a deep cleanup session at the end. After sweeping and vacuuming the floors, use a disinfectant. Utilize it at the last to properly end your session.

A few places where you can spray disinfectant are kitchen counters, bathrooms, furniture surfaces, door knobs, faucets, floors, and toilet seats. It kills bacteria and germs present on surfaces. Consequently, the chemicals in a disinfectant stop any diseases from spreading in case your guests are sick. 

Carefully inspect the product label of disinfectants before you buy any, as they often contain harsh chemicals. Ensure they are safe to use on furniture to avoid any corrosion or other potential irreversible damage. 

You may be allergic to some of the chemicals present in the spray. These allergens, when inhaled, can cause strong allergic reactions. These reactions can range from skin rashes to nasal irritation or breathing problems. Hence, be informed of all the possible responses and study the ingredient list beforehand. Learn the period you need to keep the chemicals on to kill the germs and ensure optimal results. Follow all the instructions written on the spray bottle. Furthermore, once the time is up, use a damp cloth or towel to wipe away all the surfaces. 

Hire Professionals For The Job

If you have hosted a large event, you must be exhausted from all the pre-party preparations. Hence, you can opt for party cleaning services. This will entail a cleaning crew coming to your place and performing the job. It saves you a lot of time and effort. The trained crew will execute their job professionally, so you will not be stressed over the party mess! You can leave this step for the next day when you resume cleaning.

Moreover, hiring professional party rental services such as Meadowvale Party Rentals is one of the best things you can do when organizing a party. There are multiple reasons backing up this claim. For one, you get expert advice from people working in the relevant industry for years. Moreover, you do not have to stress over moving furniture, storing food, or cleaning utensils at the end. Party rental services will complete the job for you. They will deliver all apparatus and take them back on their own. There will be no need to clean either the furniture you have ordered or the dishes.


Meadowvale Party Rentals, in this blog, has listed all the essential steps for a neat post-party cleanup session. First off, you need to create a checklist to enhance productivity and work in an organized manner. Then, as you tick off the tasks, you feel a sense of accomplishment.     

The next step involves taking immediate care of leftover food. Use sealing bags or food containers to store away the extra food in the refrigerator. The third step is using separate garbage bags for plastic, glass, or aluminum materials. Segregating materials allows you to send them off for recycling or disposal effectively. Moreover, it would be best to dispose of party equipment, such as candles, hats, wrapping papers, napkins, and balloons.       

Inspecting your floors and carpets for food scraps and stains is a significant step. Cleaning them off as soon as possible is better to avoid permanent deep staining. Use a damp cloth to do the job. The next day, take down the décor stuff and move back furniture to where it belongs. After moving the big furniture, you can easily use a broom and vacuum to clean the place. 

You also want to disinfect your place because many people use it during parties. Spray a suitable disinfectant on all surfaces, including door knobs and toilet seats. Choose chemicals that do not cause any allergic reactions or corrode your furniture. You may find this step painstakingly detailed; however, remember that you are protecting yourself from a multitude of germs that may cause sickness and disease. Hiring adept party rentals and cleaning services will make your event more creative, fun, and stress-free.   


Hiring professional party rentals offers multiple benefits. Experts will care for furniture and utensils cleaning processes so you can focus on having fun. Meadowvale Party Rentals offer a wide range of equipment to make your party even more exciting. You can rent tents of varying sizes, tables & chairs, tableware, linens, utensils, catering accessories, games, concession equipment, and even special equipment items. You get our years of expertise, experience, and expert advice for your occasions. Our diligent team is here to assist if you have any questions. Do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiries!

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