Top 07 Steps To Host a Fantabulous Housewarming Party

Top 07 Steps To Host a Fantabulous Housewarming Party


We all love housewarming parties, don’t we? The transition from house to home is truly a special moment after going through the stressful times of moving and unpacking. This is the time to showcase your skills as a host and invite your friends or family members to exhibit your newfound creativity. Meadowvale Party Rentals is here to navigate you through all the seven essential steps of hosting a fantabulous housewarming party!


Here are the top seven steps to hosting a housewarming party.

Make Sure You’re Ready – And So Is Your Home! 

The first step in hosting a housewarming party is to ensure you and your home is ready. Moving can be stressful, as is unpacking all your belongings. Decorating your new place according to your taste will take a while. Do not rush it, and take your time. A housewarming party is supposed to be a fun and relaxing event for you and your loved ones. Ensure that physically and mentally, you are capable of hosting one at the moment. Take as much time as you need to compose yourself after the great hassle of moving. Furthermore, make sure that your home is completely ready. Check all the decorations, tableware, electronic appliances, and the functionality of washrooms. 

Remember that houses are a testament to your personality and aura. You want to show your guests the real you proudly through this place. Whether it is a modern minimalist take that emphasizes simplicity and functionality, or a vibrant, hues-filled décor choice full of character that you opt for, your house will be a representation of you. A housewarming party is a way to manifest that. Paint your favorite color on the walls, hang your photos from travels on a gallery wall, or fill your veranda with small flower pots and plants – the choice is all yours, and the possibilities are infinite!

Select A Theme

Selecting themes can be super exciting when it comes to parties. Themes give you an idea of where to start: your entire décor, food, and games will depend on them. Your planning process becomes much easier once you decide on a theme. They also give your event a festive feel.

Select A Theme

You can have a BBQ Bash or an open house occasion. All you need for the former is a BBQ grill, some meat, burgers, drinks, and good music. Arrange your BBQ event outside in the backyard for an exciting night. An open house party is all about meeting new people in your area. Send out invitations to your new neighbors. This theme demands you to stay simple yet classy. Prepare snacks for the people and get to know them by engaging in conversations. This is going to be your first impression of them. As the saying goes, ‘The first impression is the last,’ ensure you appear pleasant and friendly. After all, you will be living around these people for a long time. Another fun theme is a peaceful tea soirée. Decorate your home with botanical elements to create a soothing ambiance. Select snacks like cookies, donuts, pastries, brownies, tea, and coffee. This theme party idea will be antithetical to the moving mess that your house probably was some days ago. It is sweet, peaceful, and, most of all, relaxing!

All About Invitations!

A housewarming party is a great way to get together with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or family. Now that you have selected a theme start the preparations by creating invitation cards. Invitation cards set the tone for your upcoming event. Remember that an enticing invitation card will excite your guests to come to the party. Creating digital designs using the help of online apps or doing things old-school DIY way – both are great! Make fun invitation cards in this manner. For instance, if you opt for a minimalist party, choose a card that reflects that idea. To do that, you can use the color palette of white, light pink, and brown – minimum and aesthetic.   

Similarly, add a bonfire illustration in the middle if it will be a BBQ night. Focus on using browns and greens for colors. Choose the font wisely. You can opt for a beautiful calligraphy design to match the minimalist background or simple script font. It all depends upon your theme and the purpose of the invitation. The digital designs will also be easy to send via text or email. 

Ensure that the theme idea you want is prominent enough on the invitation card. Doing so makes it easier for guests to identify the concept and dress themselves accordingly. Lastly, make sure to include all the relevant information on your cards. This will include the date, time, and location of the party. This pertinent information will be convenient for your guests when the day of the housewarming party arrives. Write the new address in detail. You can include some significant landmarks in the area. The more detailed it is, the better.

Do Not Forget The Main Thing – Food!

Food on party events

Food on every occasion is bound to become the showstopper. Your guests may forget the decoration, the lighting, or your incredible hosting. However, the one thing they will remember for a long time is the food quality. Strive to satisfy your guests’ palates and taste buds with amazing food options. Serve mouth-watering feasts that will have a long-lasting impression on your guests. Coming up with a menu is a hard decision. It requires much pondering and wondering. You can order a pizza if it is an informal, quick get-together with friends. Add baked wings, pasta, and lots of sauces to the order. Snacks usually help on such occasions so it does not get too hectic. If it is a family function, bake grandma’s cookies, and make desserts or pies. The aroma of the cookies or pies will be enough to set off nostalgia in your guests. Engaging our senses – sight, smell, touch, and taste allows us to remember things for a long time. In this way, your housewarming party will be one that people won’t forget easily. You can also arrange a fancy feast for your guests. It will include a full-course meal like dinner and desserts after. Desserts are a must-have on any occasion. Arrange a fancy dessert bar for your guests. You can opt for donuts, custard, cheesecakes, tiramisu, or tarts. These tasty treats make your gathering fancy and fulfill cravings for delicious things. Remember to curate a menu that provides an exceptional culinary experience to your guests.

Arrange A Beverage Bar

A cocktail bar can easily become the highlight of your entire party! It can have alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can serve the classics like margaritas, martinis, tonics, vodka sodas, or quick tequila shots. If you want to add an extra tinge of celebration to your night, champagne is the drink for you. On the other hand, if it is a party with your buddies, beer is an excellent option to end the night. Exhibit your thoughtful behavior as a host and care for your friends who do not drink alcohol.

Make mocktails for them by adding different flavors and topping them off with lemon, mint, or cherries. These garnishing elements really enhance the flavors of your drinks. To complement beverages, add nuts, popcorn, cheese, and crackers. Showcase your creative ability when making and serving drinks for your guests. Apart from flavors, you can focus on the colors, visual appeal, overall presentation, and glass accessories. Choosing the right glass according to the drink is very important. For example, with its ruggedness, a beer glass differs greatly from a wine glass that oozes sophistication. Play with the colors. Go for contrasting colors or hues that complement each other well. Use fresh fruits for ingredients. You can also add little cocktail umbrellas just for that extra effect. All in all, make your beverage bar a delightful experience for your guests.

Entertain Your Guests With Fun Games And Activities

One of the major unsaid rules about hosting a housewarming party is always to entertain your guests. Do not let them get bored. You want to make sure they have a great time while they are over. Organize some fun activities for them. Housewarming parties allow you to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and provide a space for them to socialize at your new place. Play indoor games like ‘Truth or Dare’ or ‘Never Have I Ever.’ Prepare the relevant questions or tasks beforehand to save a lot of time. Classic board and card games can never go wrong when it comes to entertainment. You can choose from a variety of these games, such as Ludo, UNO, Monopoly, and Poker.

Entertain Your Guests With Fun Games And Activities

Or you can have an exhilarating scavenger hunt in your backyard or inside the house. Hide clues for your guests in the nooks and crannies of the new home. This is a unique way to let them explore the place on their own. You can also gift certain prizes at the end to the winning team. Encourage your guests to be creative and do something different. Test their DIY skills. Set up an art or crafts station and provide them with all the necessary supplies. You can sit in a group circle to paint together or create jewelry pieces. You will need supplies like canvases, paints, markers, crayons, or colors.

Whatever they create – paintings, collages, posters, or DIY crafts – you can hang them up on your drawing room wall as mementos. Another way to entertain guests, besides games or activities, is to play good music in the background. Hire a DJ if you are thinking of a fancy backyard party. Have the playlist ready beforehand so you do not have to worry about the day of the party. Professionals like Meadowvale Party Rentals provide fun games to rent for the occasion. We have it all: a blackjack table or a bocce ball! We can deliver these rental games to your place, or you can pick them up from our office – whatever works best for you. Your convenience is our top priority.

Create Lots Of Good Memories With Your Loved Ones!

Last but not least, use this opportunity to create fun memories with your loved ones. Let this be a beginning for you and your family to create lasting memories in the new place. A photo booth is an extra playful element to incorporate into your housewarming party. Add a photo booth in the place with a background. Prepare funky props and get ready to take loads of pictures. You can also use a Polaroid camera to click those aesthetic, Instagram-worthy photos.


In conclusion, housewarming parties are great occasions to meet family and friends in your new home. It presents an opportunity for you to show your place. This event marks the transition of your house to home, a place for you to create new memories with your loved ones. Remember that your house bears a touch of your personality in it. How you have decorated it is a testament to your character and creativity. By following the seven essential steps that Meadowvale Party Rentals has listed above, you can host your very own fantabulous housewarming party. We have discussed all the essential steps in detail, such as getting your place ready, creating invitation cards, selecting themes, and curating a menu. Moreover, you can set up a beverage bar and entertain your guests with games and various activities. These are only some main ideas. You can merge these with your creative ability to explore other fun ways of doing things. After a tiring moving period, you deserve to have fun at your housewarming party. For this reason, we advise you to contact professional party rentals to take care of all the hassle. Meadowvale Party Rentals provides you with all the necessary rental party equipment to make your event the best. Contact us today to avail yourself of our services!

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