Fall season has an air of romance about it. This is the season for plush throws, cozy pullovers, pumpkin spice lattes, changing colors, cool weather, and of course, weddings. Yes, I think autumn is the best season to get married. Away from sizzling heat and safe from biting cold, autumn weather allows you to enjoy as you want. Plus, you are less likely to lose your guests to already arranged summer travel plans. Fall weddings are not only trendy, but they are also practical.

You know, whatever the season, planning for wedding brings its own stress. There are so many decisions to make from finding a suitable venue, deciding on the guest list, choosing a menu, to discovering the right dresses.

Let’s discuss some of the things you can consider if you are planning to get married this autumn.


Choose the right location

The most important first step to the planning process is choosing a location. One of the main attractions of having a wedding in fall is the weather, not too warm and also not too cold. Therefore, it is a good time to have an outdoor wedding under a tent.

There are many different venues that can resonate with your taste and with a classy fall theme. My favorite for a fall wedding is a barn or an old church setting that have been remodeled to be used as venues. These are good for fall weddings because they normally have two specified areas- one being outside where it is open or underneath a tent and the other inside.

Wedding Location - MPR Movers

One wedding that stands out in my memory from last year’s fall was organized in a barn. We were called upon to set up a big tent outside the barn doors. The ceremony took place outside on the grass. We had set tables and chairs inside the barn where some of the main events of the wedding took place such as dinner and cutting the cake. Then the guests moved outside where we had set up a dance floor under the tent. Two bonfires were lit not far from the tent, encouraging people to get out and chatter in the fire’s glow. I loved the arrangements allowed by this venue, enabling the bride and the groom to create a beautiful, fun fall wedding within a reasonable budget.


Develop a theme for your wedding

I suggest that for a fall wedding you choose from these three themes – autumn, country, and rustic. Any of these themes can be used with different ideas and patterns to give your fall wedding an allure that lingers in the memories of those attending.


Autumn theme is a wonderful idea for a fall wedding because of the colors it hosts. All of the various reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns that come out on the leaves during the course of fall season are beautiful and offer many color schemes for you to blend and use. Gold Chiavari chairs will finish the look and will sit well with almost any color you choose for linens. For centerpieces you can choose with leaves and candles floating in them. You can also consider using mini trees as centerpieces to add height to your tables.

A country wedding in fall can use a more neutral color scheme to create an all-natural ambience on freshly cut grass. You can use different neutral-colored flowers or sticks in the centerpieces. Use lanterns along the aisles and hanging down from the ceiling. If you can afford it, get flower girls and ring bearers ride down the aisle in a decorated carriage.

To create a rustic theme, you will need to use a lot of browns and oranges in a tasteful manner. Barns and old worn-down venues are ideal locations for a rustic theme. They gel in with the hues of the theme, while adding their own class to the setting. Gold accents all through, from the china to the centerpieces, sit well with rustic themes. Orange or brown will work well as the linen colors.

However, do not overdo it. To develop a theme for your wedding, choose three or maximum four colors and carry them through all of the decorations.


Show Inspiration in what you choose to wear

Most brides traditionally choose white dress or a champagne-colored one. However, fall 2022 is going to be different, a time to celebrate the conquest of Covid-19. May brides will feel encouraged to go with the upbeat mood in the air by stepping outside the comfort zone and wearing something other than white. We will not be surprised if some brides choose to don patterned attires for their big day. This is not a bad idea for them to make their wedding stand out from most other weddings. So, we feel that a much larger variety of colors and patterns will be on display in weddings this fall. Be creative in what you choose to dress yourself in on your life’s special day. Do not stick to white, consider more vivid colors and patterns for dresses.


Dress styles in fall vary slightly from the other seasons in colors and hues and in emphasis on accessories such as capes and lace overlays. Satin adds a lavish, luxurious feel to a fall wedding, and is good for a formal look. An autumn color palette with an elegant wedding dress and wedding party gowns will be a stunning sight.


Have your cake and eat it too

You may want to look for something other than the old-fashioned wedding cake. In 2022 you can be as creative as you want in your cake design. Choose something that sits well with the theme you have selected for your wedding. For example, if you have chosen a rustic-theme for your wedding then have your cake designed in that theme too. Similarly, a cake that displays different colors such as shades of red, orange, and yellow with some leaves on it will beautifully embody the spirit of a fall wedding.

In addition to colors, you can also be creative in the choice of the cake’s shape and design. You can have a sleek design that looks modern, or you can have a cake fashioned like a wine glass or a flute, for example. There is no limit to your imagination and its being fulfilled by a cake.


Rhyming Table setup

Make sure you opt for a setup that adds to the beauty of your venue and invigorates the overall mood you are looking to create. Choose a centerpiece that evokes the aura of fall. For instance, you can add pumpkins – both natural and artificial. They are very affordable and are available in myriad varieties and designs at this time of the year. Add some colorful leaves and gourd to your pumpkin layout. Adding some fake hay bales will further enrich the fall feeling.

Same goes for candles. There is even greater choice to select from here. Look around and get what you can find in a variety of colors and scents to best suit your theme. In my experience, cinnamon-scented candles or even lavender go well with fall.

Pep up your rental chairs with burlap wrappings or seasonal flowers that accompany the surrounding area. Instead of buying card holders, which usually go to waste anyway, choose a more delectable way to anchor guests’ name tags — source local apples or oranges to do the job.


Evocative Invitations

Let’s turn our gaze to the save-the-date and wedding invitations. Your fall 2022 wedding ought to have fall-themed invitations as its harbinger. This is a great way to set the mood to the tune of the fall season. Your invitations can show trees glowing with fall colors, leaves falling from trees, pumpkins, or artificial hay bales. You can choose from a plethora of designs already available and then add your own touches to it to customize it to your big day’s idea.


Ingenious photo prop ideas

There can be a number of ways to jazz up your wedding photos. Bring the fall season into your photos. You will get stunning photos if you incorporate the colorfully vibrant environment into your pictures. For instance, you can have some innovative fall focused photo prop notions such as a pumpkin and leaves! You can even dress up for photoshoots in dresses to bring out your true personality. Let this fall inspire you to do something other than customary wedding photos.



Rentals for the reception

Tents are a must if you are planning an outdoor wedding in the fall. It might get chilly, and in any case, fall is not the right season for anyone to get wet if it begins to rain. Your choice of the tent will be driven by the number of people you are expecting to turn up and what you have beneath your tent. At the minimum you will need a tent that is big enough to accommodate chairs and tables, a dance floor, the stage, and the food and drink stations. If you need some advice to make the right choices based on your space and guest list, do not hesitate to contact us at Meadowvale Party Rentals. We have you covered with everything you will require for your event, from tent to catering equipment to dance floors.  We sanitize our tables and chairs and other equipment after every use.


We have a wide variety of colors to choose from for your linens to go with your color scheme. You can also count on our dance floors for your guests to enjoy cutting loose. All that is required of you is to set the mood for your guests to get up and dance.


Make use of fall colors in food display

Fall is a season that turns nature into a color palette with richly bejeweled surroundings. So many wonderful colors abound for you to choose from for creating a stunning color scheme for your wedding – reds, purples, browns, gold, yellow, oranges.

You can incorporate the hues of all those beautiful leaves changing color outside into your food display. You can use rustic wooden pieces like crates and trays to hold food. Use varying heights for displays to pronounce the colors you have set out on the table.

Also choose bright linens to rhyme with fall. Go for a pumpkin cake, autumn-themed bouquet and floral displays, and green table runners.


Keep an eye on the weather

Stay as informed as you can about the weather you can expect on your wedding day. While the local weather forecasts may be limited to a couple of weeks, you can go through the past couple of years’ records of weather around the time of your wedding day to have an idea of what the temperature might be and how likely it is to rain. Bear in mind that it is much better to prepare for rain or cold weather and wind up with clear skies and warmer temperatures than the other way round. When in doubt, plan for the worse. Consider renting some heaters if your guests are going to be spending some time outside. In the end you may not use them, but it is always better to have them on hand.


Are you planning an outdoor wedding this fall? If yes, we would love to help. Our team of experts can help you choose and book right tents, tables, chairs, linens, tableware, and other items for your big day.

Serving GTA and its environs for over 30 years, Meadowvale Party Rentals can help to make your wedding or another event a memorable occasion. When dealing with us, customers often remark on our commitment to high quality service and customer satisfaction before anything else. Be sure to contact us if you need more fall wedding advice or want to know the party supply rentals you will need for the wedding.

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