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Fall is one of the most loved seasons out there, and rightfully so. It is a season of exotic festivities, celebrating food, and getting cozy with warm tones. It is all about having some quality time with friends and family outside. It is also full of meaningful symbols. The season is an emblem of harvest, change, and preservation of life. Animals prepare for hibernation by storing food and creating their spaces of rest. It is the time of the year when people start preparing for long, harsh winters—their focus shifts to comfort and coziness inside the home. Fall offers a time to truly connect with yourself and your loved ones. On the other hand, fall also is a morbid symbol of decline and decay – evidence of constant change in lives.


Fall is synonymous with festivals and revelries. The cool weather and pleasant, warm undertones allow for creativity to blossom. You can even experiment with different food combinations. Kids crave the usual candies, caramel apples, and pies of all kinds: pecan or apple. The all-time favorite ingredient during fall is pumpkin. You can have it in pies, slices of bread, teas, and coffee. Pumpkin is a must-have before the season ends.

fall events

Weather in fall cools down a bit after the intense heat of the summer. The nights turn cool and crisp. Cool breezes urge you to dress up a bit more warmly. Fall is the season of cozy fashion trends. It ushers in trends like sweaters, high boots, jackets, or fashionable overcoats. This season entails the celebration of many versatile events. You can have fun at Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, Thanksgiving, and cocktail parties. You can also arrange destination trips and outdoor activities. These holidays are delightful due to the rich colors, lots of treats, and wonderful meals. Fall is one of those seasons you can thoroughly enjoy with your loved ones.

Let us have a look at some cool DIY ideas to decorate your home for fall events:

Make a Flower Arrangement Using a Pumpkin!

Halloween is truly the time to be creative with all the decorations. You can wear spooky costumes, adorn houses with eerie accessories, and add a signature gourd to your dishes – a pumpkin! Pumpkin is the main keyword here. It can serve multiple functions. For instance, you can make pumpkin pies or decorate your house with them. You can even make a versatile pumpkin flower arrangement vase to reuse every year in the fall.

✨ Things You Need:

  • Faux pumpkin
  • Foam
  • Water
  • Fresh flowers
  • Flower food
  • Plastic bag
  • Scissors

Take a faux pumpkin and cut a circle on its head. Add a bit of texture by painting it. Next, you take floral foam and soak it in water nicely. Cut the foam so that it fits inside the pumpkin.

You need some powdered flower food to keep the flowers fresh for a long time. Soak the foam in a mixture of water and flower food. Let it stay immersed for some minutes.

The next step involves placing the floral foam inside a plastic bag. Put this bag in the pumpkin. It will prevent dripping water from foam from affecting the pumpkin. Then you cut fresh flowers from the bottom and place them into the foam. The pumpkin acts as a vase with fresh flowers in it. 

This easy DIY allows you to create a centerpiece in no time! 

Embrace and Manifest the Fall Colors with a Leaf Display

Fall is famous for the wide variety of colors and textures it offers. Nature manifests the rich hues of red, orange, yellow, brown, and golden. Trees start shedding their leaves. They depict the splendor of different colors. It is time to embrace all these fall shades and hues. A DIY multi-hued project inspired by fall leaves can surely add to your event’s overall cozy vibe.

fall decors

Fall decors do not have to be complicated at all. This leaf display DIY is simple and easy yet makes a statement of your minimal taste. All you need for this project are some leaves! You can take artificial leaves or fresh ones. Faux leaves will make it easy to reuse the project next year. You can also remove faux leaves from old flower arrangements in the house.

Make sure the leaves are brown, golden, or any other fall color you would like to showcase. Tack the leaves on the wall as if blowing from the wind. You do not have to be neat or formal when arranging the leaves. Arrange them in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal manner, depending on your space. Use poster putty to stick the leaves, as it does not damage the walls or peel off the paint. You can do this project on the entryway as it is the welcoming point of your house.

House Made of Bean Art

Whether you want to create pumpkin crafts for Halloween, sugar skulls for The Day of the Dead in Mexico, or hanging acorns for Thanksgiving, arts and crafts in fall can be fun for kids and adults. Pasta and bean crafts have been around for a long time. Bean art can be pretty fun and experimental. The beans contribute to giving an overall look of brick or stonework.

✨ To Get the Fun Time Started, You Need the Following:

  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glue
  • Lentils or peas
  • Beans
  • Paper houses

You can make houses out of craft paper or buy from the nearest craft store. Apply glue on one side of the house. Then arrange the beans on this side in neat rows or columns. Use smaller beans to fit into small spots. Turn beans sideways if you have to cover the area. Gluing the beans can be a time-consuming task; it requires patience.

Repeat this step for all the sides, including the roof. Add in lentils and peas, too, to have a variety of textures. You can play creatively with different designs and patterns. Let one side dry thoroughly, and then move on to the next. Otherwise, the beans or lentils can easily fall off.

The last step involves painting the beans. Choose warm fall colors like yellow, orange, coral, brown, or golden. Sometimes a thin brush reaches a place a round brush cannot, so use brushes of different sizes to cover the area nicely. Make sure to let the paint dry completely. You can even utilize a blow dryer to get the job done faster. You can put these mini bean houses on mantels, shelves, or window sills. Put them in the center of Thanksgiving dinner tables. It is a great craft idea to decorate your home during fall. 

Fall-themed Wall Hanging

DIY yarn hangings have always been in trend. Yarn art gives a fun and sophisticated touch to your room. This décor also resonates with winter and fall. You do not require weaving or crochet as they require a particular skill set not everyone possesses. Hence, it is effortless and affordable to make.

fall themed wall hanging

The Supplies You Require Are:

  • Yarn of different colors
  • Felt for flowers
  • Pompoms
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • A tree branch

Start by creating small flowers for your decoration. It would be best if you had a little bit of felt. Cut it in the shapes of petals, leaves, and filament. Use different felt colors so you can have fun with contrasting shades.

Cut many heart-shaped petals. Use glue to attach the bottom of the filament around a small pompom. It will act as your flower center. Now attach small petals on the bottom of the flower center. Keep adding small petals and then gradually move on to bigger ones. Petals may even overlap each other to give a more natural look.

The next step involves taking 1.5 yards of yarn and cutting it. Take the tree branch and attach yarn around it. Let the yarn hand loose from the branch. Make four to five batches of yarn this way.

You can mix different colors to create interesting themes or patterns. Since it is a fall décor, you can opt for more warm tones for flowers and yarns.  For summers, you can go for cool, pastel shades of sky blue and baby pink, winter demands a gloomy approach like dark blue, black, or grey.

Now attach the felt flowers and leaves onto the branch using a glue gun. You can try out different combinations with many textures of leaves or flowers. This DIY project leaves a lot of room for creativity.   

DIY Jar Leaf Lanterns

It is satisfying to turn a glass jar into something extraordinary. Jar leaf lanterns are remarkable ways to celebrate fall in all its glory.

Leaf Lanterns

✨ The Supplies You Need for this DIY Are:

  • One mason jar
  • Artificial fall leaves
  • Glue
  • Sponge brush

Make sure you thoroughly clean the glass jar. Clean it with alcohol to remove all impurities and grease. Artificial leaves work best for this décor as you need to make lanterns that can be reused next fall. Real leaves will soon dry out and crumble. Just make sure the faux leaves are thin.

Be mindful when touching the jar after washing it. You can accidentally make it dirty again. Use the sponge brush to add a thin layer of glue outside the jar. Start sticking the leaves on the glue. Let it dry out thoroughly first.

A little tip: wait for a few seconds after applying the glue. It gives it time to become a bit sticky. Then leaves will stick to it much more firmly. You can also use a small fan or a blow dryer to hurry up the process.

Cover the entire jar this way with leaves. Use the brush or your hand to press down on edges that may pop up. The thinner glue you add, the more likely it is to dry out quickly. Wait for at least 30 minutes for all the leaves to dry out.

Now it is time to add the final layer of glue to the entire jar. Use the brush to evenly spread it out and let it dry as much as possible. You can even leave it overnight for better results. Some white spots may appear at first, but they will dry out soon.

Inside the jar, you can put battery operated tea light. You can also use a real candle. However, it comes with some disadvantages. The glue may melt because the flame gets too hot. There is also a chance of leaves catching fire because of flame. Sometimes, fairy or tea lights can also get quite hot if they are turned on for a long time. Make sure not to let the lanterns burn all night long. Give them rest so that the glue stays intact. These mason jars can be perfect decors for your house parties. You can put them in the middle of the Thanksgiving tables. The lanterns are easy to make, and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.  

Put this DIY fall decoration on your fireplace mantels or bookshelves. It adds to the comforting atmosphere of the fall. It is not only a pretty DIY fun craft but also can be an excellent gift for someone who likes handmade stuff.


Fall is an excellent time for delicacies, festivities, fashion trends, and quality familial time. Here we have explained how  you can simply but nicely decorate your house for special events. These crafts can add a pleasant touch to your home aesthetics. Arranging events or hosting parties can be demanding, especially for first-timers. If you want a professional touch to your parties, you can always contact Meadowvale Party Rentals. We ensure to provide to fulfill all your needs and take care of the things you may feel burdened to do. Our trained staff makes sure to list all your demands and plan your event thoroughly while keeping the current season in mind. Rely on us to avail excellent customer service. We endeavor to make this fall memorable for you for a lifetime!

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