Careful consideration goes into the planning of an event, as there are countless variables you need to pay attention to. Everything needs to be in order, from the choice of music to the type of wine. However, it all comes down to one essential aspect of the event, which determines whether your event qualifies as noteworthy, or not: furniture. This article will walk you through the benefits of having Chiavari chairs that will compel you to consider them for your next event.



Renting furniture on an event is a mandatory cost you will incur. However, being extra vigilant when you decide the furniture type is essential. You may even want to dedicate extra time to this as there are many different elements to pay attention to, chairs, for example.

Chairs come in a variety of types ranging from armchairs to folding chairs. Some are padded with foam; some have a headrest attached. Each type of chair has its merits, which you should consider before you rent them for any event. Your choice of furniture reflects the vibe and style of the event you are planning, so you must select the chairs and tables appropriately. You do not want your furnishings and décor to clash with the theme of your event! Therefore, go for an all-rounder chair type that is easily accessible and ensures your décor does not go wrong. One of the most versatile and commonly available type of chairs is Chiavari chairs, and here’s why they are beneficial. Let’s view the top 9 reasons why Chiavari chairs should be on your next event’s checklist.


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For all successful events, whether weddings and birthdays or workshops and office events, make sure to pay attention to the comfort of the attendees. To fulfill this purpose, Chiavari Chairs prove their usefulness. Chiavari chairs are designed to maximize comfort and ensure that they are not too heavy on your pockets. While not all gatherings have the budget to afford sofas for comfort purposes, Chiavari chairs are an appropriate alternative. These chairs have built-in back support, making them a suitable choice even concerning older people and pregnant women.

Moreover, as these chairs prioritize comfort, they are highly recommended for gatherings where the guests must be seated for a long while. Another aspect of Chiavari chairs that adds to the comfort is their waterfall seat edge. The waterfall seat edge is the curved front edge of a chair installed to provide better leg movement. It also ensures that the seat does not dig into the back of your knees. Moreover, it also aids in correcting your posture and promotes the use of back support in Chiavari chairs.



Cost is another point to be considered while renting furniture pieces, as they are usually required in a high quantity. Organizing an event already brings about considerable expenses; sometimes, furniture costs take up all the budget. However, Chiavari Chairs prove their value yet again. Being affordable is right up Chiavari chairs’ alley! While renting sofas will raise your expenses significantly, Chiavari chairs would be a minimal cost in comparison. Constructing these chairs requires minimal materials, as they do not have intricate designs and patterns. These chairs are simple and easy to make. Hence, their rental prices are low as well. Another element that adds to the affordability of Chiavari chairs is that they are usually rented in bulk. It makes these chairs eligible for receiving bulk discounts.


Space Saving

Space management is becoming a challenge for organizing events, designing offices, furnishing cafes, and whatnot. Therefore, many have resorted to using Chiavari chairs. Chiavari chairs, as their shape suggests, can be stacked together. These chairs are loaded onto one another and are easily stored. Chiavari them together also makes it easier to carry them from one place to another. Sometimes, these chairs come with trolleys which makes moving them more manageable than it is already. Furthermore, these chairs are lightweight. Due to this factor, the chairs are not harmed when loaded onto one another. Since Chiavari chairs are stacked vertically, valuable floor space is not taken up by these. It proves helpful, especially while cleaning, as you can just stack them in one corner while you tend the rest of the space. Storing Chiavari chairs occupies much less space than any other alternative type of chair with similar characteristics.





Even though there are different types of Chiavari chairs, what they all have in common is their durability. These chairs are well-built, which makes them able to hold several hundred pounds. In scarce circumstances, do these chairs ever break. The fact that they are made using the most robust plastic and materials may contribute to that. Their impeccable construction also better equips them to be able to resist the weather. Heavy winds, consistent rains, and the blazing sun do not damage the Chiavari chairs. Not much discoloration takes place even if you leave them out in such weather. It makes them not only waterproof but also weatherproof! These chairs are subjected to a lot of use and withstand a lot of wear and tear. It can be proved by noticing that these chairs are used in places like libraries, cafes, and churches: all these places are teeming with people. Chiavari chairs are so durable that they do not need to be replaced as often as other chairs. Furthermore, some Chiavari chairs also have a warranty for chips and cracks, so you do not have to worry about this.



There is much more to Chiavari chairs than being affordable and durable. These chairs have many different types, from classic to contemporary, and come in all styles! Chiavari chairs are available in all colors of the rainbow and more. You can select the ones that fit your event’s color scheme better. If you cannot find an exact match, you can always use cushions as essential add-ons to compliment the theme. Additionally, Chiavari chairs can also be found with frames made of aluminum or steel to further add to their sturdy construction. However, the most used Chiavari chairs are made by using plastic. There are many different variations in Chiavari chairs too. Padded seats, armrests, wooden seats, and armless chairs are a few. So you must take your time assessing which one suit your event better.



Chiavari Chairs show versatility not only in types and colors but also in events. You can use them for various events. As we have already discussed, these chairs are weatherproof, making them suitable for outdoor and indoor events. If you are arranging an event in your backyard, do it without worries! A bit of mud and grass would not damage these chairs at all. Moreover, they are less likely to embed in the grass and damage your beautiful garden. These chairs also have rubber grips around the chair legs, making them unlikely to slip. It will prevent embarrassing accidents for you and your guests. Chiavari chairs are widely used for seating arrangements at weddings, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, corporate events, concerts, job fests, and more. It alone proves how versatile these chairs are!


Easy to Clean

While renting furniture, one of the major concerns is returning it undamaged. However, in the case of Chiavari chairs, this concern remains no more. In any event, a guest spilling their drink or food is a possibility. And it may happen more often than you think. There is enough evidence to support that each person may consume up to 3 glasses of beverages in an event. It raises the probability of spilling a liquid on a chair. A spilled drink leaves an abominable stain on most chairs that is hard to get rid of. On the contrary, this does not pose a challenge for Chiavari chairs. These resistant chairs can withstand a spill or multiple spills and can easily be cleaned. Paired with light strokes, a little cleaning solution on a cloth can make disappear the spilled drink. The result would make it seem like no accident occurred at all, and your rented Chiavari chair would be as good as new. So, it is safe to say that if you rent Chiavari chairs, you need not be much worried about paying surcharges for damaging them.


No Damage to Flooring

It has been observed that the floor, vinyl or marble, is susceptible to damage through chairs. Chair legs leave scrapes and scratches over the floor when dragged or moved around. It happens more commonly with chairs with metal legs or those with hard wood ones. Also, rolling chairs may damage flooring, especially if the wheels are not cleaned. However, none of these problems occur with Chiavari chairs. These chairs are ingeniously crafted, which is why they are lightweight, and to top it, they have rubber grips on the chair legs, preventing scratching the floor.



Easy to Use

Unlike most furniture, Chiavari chairs do not have to be assembled. Neither do they have any parts that must be engineered together, nor any joints, nuts, and bolts to be screwed. You can easily arrange them according to what you decide. If you are unsatisfied with the setting, you can rearrange them. You can do that without causing any strain because these chairs are typically not heavy. Lifting and shifting them enables people to move their chairs freely at events.



While renting chairs for events, a significant factor that you should consider is the company you reach out to. Meadowvale Party Rentals are a professional, reliable, and authentic rental company providing services all over Greater Toronto Area. We offer a variety of tent sizes, tables and chairs, dinnerware, flatware, glassware, tableware accessories, linen, serving equipment, BBQ and catering equipment, concession equipment, and additional rental items for all of your special events. We provide excellent services and charge reasonable prices. All details regarding our pricing are available on our website.

We can also provide a customized quote for your event for free. If you are uncertain about what type of rental items are required for your event, we can help you determine what is better suited. Hiring a professional rental company for your supplies would not only save your time and reduce your stress but also cement your planning and preparation process. Meadowvale Party Rentals will help transform your vision into a fine reality. All you need to do is to communicate your vision to us, and we will take care of the rest. In case you are conflicted about what vibe you want to go for your event, we can help you figure that out too.

Experienced rental companies like us are well-versed in planning and arranging events, so they can help you align your requirements appropriately. Rental companies also offer to help set the arrangements according to your instructions. Meadowvale Party Rentals has been offering its services for over 30 years and has had hundreds of clients. We excel at helping you pin down the requirements for your event and making your event a groundbreaking success.



If you are organizing an event for the first time, it would be a better idea to get professional help. While you may have arranged small-scale events, you might still have no idea where to begin planning a larger-scale event. At times like this, reputable rental companies prove to be very beneficial. They not only provide their counsel to help you jot down the details but also work on the trickier part of the organizing, which is décor and catering. It will leave you with time on hand to work on personalized invites and have panic-free planning for the event. When the event day finally comes, you can relax and enjoy, leaving the work to the rental company you hire.

Moreover, you do not even have to worry about the clean-up! Your company of choice will take down all the decorations and pack their stuff. You do not have to do a single thing! They will load it and take it back too. So, what are you waiting for? Meadowvale Party Rentals has exactly what you need and more, so reach out to us now!

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