Planning a summer wedding

Planning a Summer Wedding

Weddings are days of festivity, happiness, and celebration. They are an opportunity for friends and family to come together to celebrate the love and commitment that the couple has for each other. However, planning a wedding is genuinely stressful, especially if it is a summer wedding. It could seem like an intimidating task if one does not have a plan in mind. There are multiple things to consider, from the budget to the guest list and everything in between. The venue, the invitations, and even choosing the right food require attention to detail. The big question, nevertheless, remains: where to start? This article will answer just that. It will help you organize, prioritize, and plan the perfect summer wedding to ensure everyone has the time of their lives!



No one wants a wedding to break their bank, yet many spend more than they had. It comes down to having no budget set in advance. Hence, it is essential to determine your budget before planning out the intricacies of the wedding. It allows you to make the right decisions more freely while staying within your financial limits. You can choose wedding rental companies more easily by crossing out all that fall out of your budget. Remember that a budget means it is a plan rather than a goal. Strive harder to ensure your wedding costs remain within your maximum limit but do not try to achieve that limit. Bonus points to you if you can save a few hundred dollars from your budget in the end.




Here’s how you can cut down excess costs without lowering the quality of your wedding:


⭕  Make e-Invites




Making invitations in hardcopy are a beautiful souvenir to keep and remember. However, when you are on a budget, the costs of colored printing, wrapping, and shipping seem unnecessary. You can eliminate these extra expenses by going for digital invitations. Go to a graphic design website that offers free templates and customize your card. It enables you to eliminate the cost of the printing, the transportation, and the graphic designer charges. If you are on a creativity block, ask an artistic friend or family member to help you choose the best templates to customize. It will simplify your work while keeping it within budget.


⭕  Shortlist Your Guest List




Most people need to invite all their loved ones to their wedding; people tend to get carried away while making the guest list. The guest list seems to grow from friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to everyone in between. It is crucial to ensure you do not go overboard with your guest list as it may not be in your budget to cater to the needs of that many people. If you have invited people you barely knew in high school, now is the time to reconsider that invitation. The longer your guest list, the larger your banquet needs to be. It also means more tables, chairs, and food at the wedding, which you could have eliminated without much hassle. Hence, consider going through your guest list to ensure you have invited the right people. Have your partner go over your side of the guests while you go over theirs. It’s an easy and convenient way to question any extra invitations. The number of people on your guest list can directly impact your budget. Once you know how many people will be attending the wedding, your catering company, such as Meadowvale Party Rentals, could work out the logistics and provide you with a quote.



Summers are one of the most popular times for getting married. However, arranging a summer wedding could be a little tricky. You must mind the heat that summers bring. A summer wedding could quickly become an uncomfortable chore if the date and venue are not decided with some prior planning. Your own or a friend’s backyard can also offer a wonderful site for your wedding. However, not everyone has that as a practicable option.

Here are some ideas for choosing the perfect wedding site for a summer wedding:


⭕  Banquets


Various sizes of table rentals


Considering the warm weather, choosing a well-ventilated or air-conditioned venue would be wise to offset the heat. You can rent an excellent banquet or have your wedding at a religious site (such as a church, temple, or mosque) to ensure the venue is nice and spacious to fit your guests. Ensure the venue provides plenty of shade for everyone involved. Do your guests a favor and pick a cooler time of the day for your wedding. You do not want your guests to stand in the sun counting seconds till the function is over. The simplest way to ensure that is to choose a morning, evening, or night time for your event to eliminate the discomfort that heat may bring.


⭕  Parks


Trafalgar Park - Tent Rentals Oakville


A park is a nice place to have your wedding. You will have to pay no cost if you host your wedding at a clean, public park. It will add a nice touch of greenery to your wedding’s décor. You will be able to have your wedding within budget without compromising on the beauty of your venue. Parks are generally cooler areas which makes them ideal for summer weddings. Ensure you choose a cooler time of the day to make your summer wedding a blast for everyone!






Deciding the theme of a summer wedding is a crucial part of your wedding planning. It is wise to keep a light and airy dress code for your guests to follow. Reminding your guests to wear cool and breathable dress ware will allow them to have more fun at the wedding without worrying about how their dress is incompatible with the weather. Take extra measures to ensure high comfort for your guests by checking up on the weather forecast on the wedding date. If the weather is sweltering, consider moving your wedding date up or down. It is best to do this before you hire an event rental company or pay the advance for a banquet reservation. The little idea about the dress code could go a long way in keeping the guests comfortable. Remember that the wedding is supposed to be a memorable day for your guests, not one full of constant sweating and discomfort. It also provides the guests with a theme to follow and look forward to. You can also carry the same theme into your décor by talking to your event rental company about it. At Meadowvale Party Rentals, we provide beautiful and customized summer wedding décor from which you can take your wedding décor inspiration!



If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, it is best to have sunblock readily available. Wear SPF underneath your makeup – if you will get that done – and keep some with you at the reception. It would help if you also reminded your guests to bring or wear sunblock for their protection. Sunblock will prevent your skin from getting damaged under the sun’s scorching heat. Having your precious guests fall victim to sunburn at your wedding is an unpleasant situation you do not wish to deal with. Hence, you can send a soft reminder to your guests when you send them digital invites to avoid this issue. Add a line or two about taking care of themselves due to the weather forecast on the day. Hopefully, it will produce the result you wish to see.



Food is one of the most exciting parts of a wedding. Choose the right food if you wish to have a nice party at your summer wedding. Do not go overboard with heavy, main course meals. Go for lighter food and snacks while focusing on the juices more. Have plenty of fluids to serve, such as fresh juices, wine, beverages, and slushes, to add more color and taste to your wedding’s food palette. You can also add ice cream or ice-cake to your dessert list as it goes well with the weather. Contact one food supplier to ensure you do not have gazillion vendors to manage on your big day. Ensure you hire well-reputed and punctual suppliers to eliminate any chances of having food delay issues.




Here are some summer wedding foods you cannot go wrong with:


⭕  Salmon Entrée
⭕  Sushi Bar
⭕  Tuna Tartare
⭕  Lobster Rolls
⭕  Mini Ice-cream Cones
⭕  Dry Ice-cream Rolls
⭕  Chocolate Fountain
⭕  Grilled Prawns
⭕  Rose Popsicles
⭕  Pastries
⭕  Corn and Bean Salad
⭕  Slushes and fresh juices



When getting ready for your big day, keep the weather in mind. It will enable you to dress accordingly. Ask your hairstylist to do a summer-friendly hairstyle for you. Wearing your hair down plainly may cause you to sweat excessively during the function, especially if the wedding is outdoors. You can go for hairstyles, including tying your hair in a half or full updo. From braids to curls and everything in between, you can manage an elegant hairstyle for a summer wedding by putting in some extra effort. Try out a few hairstyles before your big day to know which style you like most. Avoid trying something new for the first time on your wedding day. The time for experiments is before your wedding date!

Moreover, go easy on your makeup on your wedding day if it is in summer. You may wear plenty of primer and setting spray, but it would be in vain if the weather is extreme that day. You do not want to have a greasy or cakey face of makeup. Ensure you wear light and summer-friendly makeup to enhance your bridal beauty.



After cutting down costs on plenty of areas, here’s where you should focus spending it on the décor! At Meadowvale Party Rentals, we provide numerous décor settings you can choose from. We have light, airy, and summer-friendly themed event rental décor, enhancing your wedding’s aesthetic appeal. You can customize the theme according to your ideas and preferences, too. A refreshing décor will make your photos turn out magical and memorable on your big day.

Moreover, the overall outlook of your wedding venue will be refreshing to you and your guests. It is the perfect way to utilize the warmth of a summer wedding by having a summer-flattering décor ready. Get in touch with us today and hire our excellent event rental services by the hour.



To summarize, planning a wedding is a critical and hectic job. There is always too much to look over and not enough time. It is wise to begin planning your big day ahead of time and start by creating a budget. It allows you to work in one direction while staying within your financial limits. Getting overboard with your guest list, décor, and food orders is reasonably simple. However, your predefined budget will help you control all impulsivity. Focus your energy on eliminating costs wherever you catch yourself unnecessarily and spend it on something else. For instance, the food you choose is a crucial part of planning your summer wedding effectively. Go for slushes, juices, and wines to make your food palette exciting and refreshing. Ask your stylist to make summer-friendly hairstyles for you to avoid instances of excessive sweating. It is best to try out a few hairstyles beforehand to know which one it is you want on your big day. Avoid experimenting for the first time on your wedding day, which also goes for your hair and makeup, song selection, and food. Go with the options you have tested and are most comfortable with. After all, it is your big day, and you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest!

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