“It’s really the popularity with the target audience that counts.”

Stephen Greyser

Events provide your business with a great opportunity for face to face networking with the target audience. You can feel the energy in the live presence environment, bringing people together for a shared purpose or activity, away from the formal work settings. In addition to the face to face communication it is also an opportunity for you to convey a message to the target audience through various print or visual sales tools. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your sales tools, reflecting your brand and positioning, are assimilated into your event marketing repertoire. The content of sales tools is the key and should be more or less the same for print material, videos, websites, or downloads.

Once you have identified the appropriate target audience and have established your event plan, it is time to plan and decide what sales tools you need to bring and deal out at the event. Plan all details from content development and presentation to distribution and timing. Think of innovative ways to get your message out. Well organized events, presenting your business and your products in the best possible light, go a long way in enhancing the effect and efficacy of your sales tools.

SALES TOOLS FOR YOUR EVENTS- By Asif ZaidiStay ahead of the curve in using technology in a fast changing world. In the final analysis it is all about the touch points. Sales tools are meant to be used. While deciding on sales tools, consider the target audience and think what they will like to bring home with them? Will they read the written word? What are they more likely to read? Stay on top of the most contemporary jargon and trends in your industry. Acronyms and buzz words are quite engaging at events.

There is no magic formula how each company provides sales tools at its events. You have to devise a combination of materials that is right for your sales initiatives and business goals. Here are some of the ideas for using sales tools at your events:

  • The message should be in consonance with your image. Use appropriate tone and language to present an idea and be concise.
  • The material you develop must be easy for the sales force to use and convenient for the customer to read.
  • Don’t tell long stories, talk about advantages.
  • Create a specific flyer or postcard for each event.
  • Create a nice folder with company logo to distribute material like brochures, testimonial flyers, press-coverage, etc. Always tuck a sales rep’s business card in the folder.
  • If you distribute pen and pencil sets, use a branded ribbon and a logo gift bag.
  • Always find creative ways to promote a recent award your company may have received.
  • Create attractive table-top signs to display at your events.
  • Don’t be shy to use quotes from happy customers or favourable media coverage.
  • Be selective in distributing costlier items. Set up clear criteria for the recipients.

Here are some of the sales tool items that you can choose from to match up the deliverables to your event cycle: Website; Calendars; E-Mail blasts; Customer Testimonials; Direct mail; Commercials; Catalogues; CDs/DVDs; USBs; Brochures; Books; Annual Reports; Articles Reprints; Ad Flyers; Analyst Reports; Award Announcements; Presentations; Product or Service Coverage Sheets; Folders; Newsletters; Magazines.


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