“It’s really the popularity with the target audience that counts.”


In business you often have to organize events to reach out to other businesses or your customers, or even your employees. Knowing who exactly your target audience is makes organizing your event a lot easier as it determines what type of event you want to organize as well as the content of your event. It is difficult to interest everyone through one event. Hence, if you have a broad target market, you have to be clear which part of your target market you want an event to appeal to. Depending on the purpose of the event, it is possible to use one event to communicate with more than one group of audiences but you have to craft the content of the event accordingly.

Profile of the audience: Once you have identified a target market group or target demographics, you need to be more specific about the profile of the audience you want to attract from within that group – i.e. gender, age, income level, ethnicity, education level, family structure, interests and hobbies etc. Where possible, try and test your ideas about the event against a representative group of your target audience. For example, if you are planning a major internal party, it will be quite useful to form a steering group comprising people of varying age groups from different departments.

USING EVENTS TO REACH OUT TO YOUR TARGET MARKET- By Asif ZaidiKnow more about the competitive events: Looking at the events organized by the competition is a good place to begin with for developing ideas about your event. Knowing what the competitors are offering their customers, partners, or employees will give you an idea of what does and does not appeal to your target market. Don’t just copy, do better. Most of the business attendees are keen to know what level of people from the industry will be attending. Use your loyal and influential customers or partners as the emissaries for the event. Ask them if they are willing to play a more participative role in the event.

Use data for recurring events: Some of the events you organize may have a captive audience or a large number of people who have attended earlier editions of the event. For recurring events you already have the data and knowledge of the previous attendees to start with. If they had a good experience previously then convincing them to attend is relatively much easier than getting new guests to join. It may not be a bad idea to send them some photos from the previous event to remind them of the good time they had. Also be mindful that people who have previously attended already have an expectation and will look forward to the event being better than the previous one.

Communicate effectively: Even when the attendance is almost obligatory -for employees, for example-, in order to get the best out of your event, you still need to communicate with them in advance as to what the event will be about and what is it that they can expect to help achieve at the event. Quality communication prior to the event will ensure that they turn up enthused and prepared rather than just showing up for not having an excuse to not to attend.

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