“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

Maya Angelou

 While organizing a business event, not only do you need to think about planning the event to run on the day as envisaged, but you also need to think about after the event. Being prepared for the time after the event can make a difference to the success of your event.

LEARNING: Every event is an opportunity to learn and to improve further for the future. Ask yourself what could have been better at the event. Ask your colleagues, your suppliers, your event team, and others for the feedback on your content and your approach and see if they can point out any areas you can improve on next time.

MAKING USE OF YOUR PROVISIONS: There are always things leftover from an event. Here is how you can handle some of the leftovers:

Stationery: Stationery can be used for the next event. However, if it is branded for a specific issue of the event then it shall be given away to a school or a tuition centre.

Food: Send perishable food to any suitable charity. Non-perishable items can be distributed among your staff or can even be used at the next event.

Water Bottles: Water bottles can be used in your office or can be given away to a charity.

Toys: Give away to a local school or children’s charity.

Gifts: Keep for the next event.

Set/Stage: Very rarely can a set be preserved for the next event, unless you are planning another event fairly soon. Usually, it costs a lot more to make a stage or set that can last for more than one shows. Plus, the labour costs to tear it down and the storage charges entail significant additional expenses.


It is important to include speaking to your guests after the event in the event program. Encourage the conversation to continue after the event by initiating it and providing space and opportunity for it.  Some of the purposes methodically talking to your guests after the event can serve are as follows:

  • It goes a long way in building relationships, especially cementing a new acquaintance.
  • It helps follow up on the business opportunities identified.
  • It is useful for broadening the reach of your event by getting people to talk about it, especially on the social networks.
  • If your event will be a regular feature for which you want to build a reputation, then engaging your audience after the event helps in building its brand and spreading the word.
  • If the event involved special deals or discounts, then engaging the audience after the event can help sales.
  • If your event had a key message, then engaging the audience after the event will remind them of the purpose for which the event was held.
  • Making full use of post-event marketing opportunities can help you distinguish yourself from the competition.

If your event was mainly for customers, then ensure that all those attended are included in whatever CRM system you use.

EXPRESSING GRATITUDE: Thank your guests and audience and also thank your suppliers, your team, and everyone else who contributed to the success of your event. You can either send an email or a letter or can just post a simple thank you note on people’s social network sites. Where pertinent, use the thank you note to extend conversation beyond that one event moment.

KEEPING THE CONVERSATION GOING: The best way to do so is to seek feedback from your guests and then make them feel that you have paid attention to their feedback. Where their feedback reveals passion about something, show that you have noted what they said and have taken action.

You can create a website or a social network site for your event where you can encourage people to post comments, photos, or videos. With almost everyone armed with a smartphone, nowadays so much content is created on any event without the host having to do anything. Whether it is the content you arranged for or content other people created, it can all be valuable for keeping the conversation going and for future activity.


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